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We need a sense of urgency on the use of the coupon in the Welcome Email for new signups.

I don't want to have to edit the coupon every month in order to keep the expiration date four weeks out.

Could this happen automatically please? If the coupon could expire within so many days of the Welcome Email being sent, that would be great. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!


Miyako Doral

Hello @MiyakoD2 ,


I can certainly pass along your feedback to the devs. The main aspects that'd be needed for such a system would be:

  • a way for our system to connect to your store intimately enough for us to generate codes that could be used in it
  • codes would have to contain / be randomized strings of letters and numbers every single time a welcome email is sent out, to make sure the code has its own particular expiration for each particular contacts sent to
  • This may not be compatible with every store system since some website / online store builders don't accept outside 3rd party java scripting or integration

In effect, it'd have to function a lot like a password-reset system. Perhaps it could be a unique link that triggers a special version of your store, or triggers a code to be automatically applied to their cart. As mentioned, I'll pass along the feedback. If and when such a system is developed, the engineers will make sure to notify you directly. With that said, I don't have an ETA on the development of such a system, since it seems this is a fairly unique request based on our feature request tracking.

William D
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I'm in need of something similar. To avoid having to manually change the expiration date, you could have 2 options:

  1. Choose the exact expiration date (as it is now)
  2. Choose how many days after the welcome email is sent, the customer has before the coupon expires (i.e.; 5 days, 10 days 30 days)

Otherwise, you cannot use the coupon for the welcome email, unless you remember to keep changing the expiration date. right? 

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