What does Awaiting Confirmation Mean?


Do you have contacts in Awaiting for Confirmation status?  Not sure what that means?  We are here to help!  


If you have used the Confirmed Opt In, some contacts could get into the "Awaiting for Confirmation" status.  This means that when they signed up for your list, or were sent the confirmed Opt In email, that they did not confirm their interests in receiving your emails.  


Here's what happened:  

  • They received the Confirmation Email 1 of 2 ways: 
    1. They signed up for your email list, and you have the Confirmed Opt In turned on for your Sign Ups
    2. You send a confirmation request to some (or all) of your contacts
  • We sent the email to the contact, but they did not take any action with the email. In order to turn their status to Explicit they need to click the link to show that they want to continue getting your communications. 

If you have questions about Confirmed Opt In, our Account Review team is the best place to get answers.  They are available by phone at the number and hours listed here.  


I recently sent a Confirm Your Subscription email to users who were previously subscribed to us using Feedburner. I have received 3+ replies so far, but they are still showing "Awaiting Confirmation" status. Is there a way to manually confirm these folks since the reply-to option doesn't appear to be working?


Hello @KylerP3


I would be happy to help. We do not have a way to manually change someone's opt in status. We need them to click on the confirm opt in link to confirm they want to be added back to your list. If they are having trouble with the link or cannot find the email you can send them a link to your sign up from. They can fill that out and hit sign up. We will send them another confirm opt in email and they can opt in.