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New template emails delivered to promotions tab
After five years of using the same template, I decided to try a new template for our email/newsletter. Upon testing, the new template is going to Prom...

By: SadieG3 | Posted on 07-29-2021
Unable to change logo on abandoned cart shopify integration
When I visit my Shopify integrations, click the abandon cart email integration and then try and create a new email response clicking on the "Logo" but...

By: JohnM91392 | Posted on 07-25-2021
Inline subscribe success text
Hello all... Is it possible to put a link in the text of an inline subscribe form success text? ie, They fill out the form and in the success text, th...

By: MikeF690 | Posted on 07-24-2021
Lists - sending to several lists cantaining duplicate names
I need to send an email out to both current and ex members and the fastest way is just to send to several different lists.  However some people are on...

By: HelenH120 | Posted on 07-24-2021
New Contact list sign-up link placed in e-mail.
Hi. I am trying to create a new contact list specific to a local topic. I'd like to place the link to sign-up in a Constant Contact e-blast.I created ...

By: mayormark | Posted on 07-18-2021
How To Engage Your Audience and Grow Loyalty with Nift
Constant Contact is always finding  new ways to help our users engage with their audience and keep their customers happy. Nift is a new integration with Constant Contact that lets you do just that!
By: Nick_S.
Posted on 07-27-2021
Watch our "Winning in Ecommerce with Email Marketing: Delilah Home" webinar
When it comes to email marketing and ecommerce, winning means getting the right messages and products in front of the right people, at the right times. But that means digging deeper into your data and...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 07-13-2021
Product Updates: June 2021
We have been hard at work behind the scenes to improve our product so you can communicate with your customers. Read on to find out what was new in your Constant Contact account during the month of June...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 07-09-2021
Display Issues – aka why does my email look good in X, but bad in Y?
In this guide, we will address some of the common factors that can affect your email’s appearance upon delivery, as well as what you can do on your side to ensure your email is being presented as perf...
By: William_D
Posted on 07-08-2021
Outbound Email is Just One Side of the Coin: What You Need to Track Next
Discover the key metrics to track after sending your outbound email campaigns to measure and understand how your campaigns are performing.
By: timetoreply
Posted on 06-24-2021
Logging Out Too Frequently
Hey, A lot of times we like to leave Constant Contact up on our computers throughout the day to work on email communication. It is really frustrating ...
By: KnoxvilleAscension | Posted on Aug 25, 2016
Search Contact's Full Name Instead Of Only First Or Last
All the changes that have been made to the contacts page has made updating, searching and adding contact more inconvenient. I can no longer look up a ...
By: JulieP7 | Posted on Oct 19, 2020
Add an image for each question on survey pages
I was excited to hear about launching of your new survey platform. Unless I am missing something it does not address the one feature required that as ...
By: MarkS564 | Posted on Apr 15, 2021
Wrap text
I have been using CC for many years now and am REALLY not happy with the new editor. It is VERY limiting, especially with using images. PLEASE make it...
By: LyndallH6 | Posted on Dec 18, 2015
Multiple Column Emails
Have an option to design 1,2,and 3 column emails.
By: DavidH620 | Posted on Jan 30, 2018
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