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Can you move the call button in the navigation header on the website?
In the navigation header I don't see any way using the website editor to move elements like the call button around. Am I missing something or there ju...

By: DougL512 | Posted on 01-19-2022
Landing Page, Content Fields
When creating a landing page, is it possible to move the custom contact fields around so that the flow of questions makes sense? For example, one of t...

By: NorthsideChurchofChrist | Posted on 01-18-2022
How to save an email sent from constant contact as a pdf
I am on a few manufactures mailing lists in constant contact, how can I save their email's as pdf's?  I am aware that I can turn my own campaign email...

By: NatashaW329 | Posted on 01-12-2022
Quicker Access to Campaign Folders
My company has a lot of different programs that send out various types of correspondence to our contacts. 
I'm currently running a specific program and...

By: PamelaP72843 | Posted on 01-12-2022
I want to filter my lists using tags but the feature does not appear
Apologies if this has been asked before: I Have a list and on occasion I want to only send my next email to a part of that list. I have tagged the ind...

By: user543994 | Posted on 01-12-2022
Register for our "Online Marketing Must-Haves: Your Roadmap to Driving Results" Webinar Series
As we move into the new year, businesses with a strong online marketing foundation will find themselves ready for continued success and new opportunities to get even better results.   Join us starting January 24th, 2022...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 12-27-2021
Watch our "Ask Us Anything: Your Holiday Marketing Answered" webinar
The holidays are upon us and it’s time to get in front of holiday shoppers to end the year on a high note. If you’re still not sure what to do for your holiday marketing or need help crafting the righ...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 12-03-2021
Watch our "How to Boost Your Business on Social Media for the Holidays & Beyond" webinar
The holiday season is fast approaching! When it comes to social media and the holidays, you may be wondering what you can do to increase engagement and create a lasting impression that helps your busi...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 10-29-2021
Fall Into The Holidays Sweepstakes!
We're back again with some time to spare before the holiday rush and we want to hear about what you've got planned to make this holiday season the best one yet!
By: Nick_S.
Posted on 10-22-2021
Watch our "6 Tips for Winning the Holiday Season" Webinar
With the holidays accounting for such a large portion of your sales, it’s important to be prepared to capture your customer’s attention and those crucial year-end sales. However, there are a lot of ho...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 09-27-2021
Old Campaigns Showing Under Most Recent Campaigns on Dashboard
The new page that is first to appear when I login is useless. It supposedly lists the "Most Recent Campaigns", yet not a single one of my most recent ...
By: KathleenV4 | Posted on Dec 7, 2019
Enable Opening Emails in New Tab
When you are comparing campaigns or reviewing results its very annoying having to go to campaigns, select the campaign you are reviewing and go to the...
By: JuanS245 | Posted on Dec 1, 2020
More file types for exporting results from survey page
Please add a way to export the survey results via PDF. The chart report is much easier to share with upper management than the excel file.
By: GeorgiaP05 | Posted on May 4, 2021
Unsubscribe bounces from reporting page
There's been a new update. I used to be able to take all of my bounced "Recommended for Removal" Contacts, tag them, and then unsubscribe the whole li...
By: ICS | Posted on Nov 16, 2018
Export Excel File with Questions and Total Responses Side by Side
What were you thinking? I feel ripped off. I did my first survey in Fall 2020 and a follow up this April. I had to print the screen to get a report co...
By: ShawnH02 | Posted on Apr 11, 2021
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