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Meta Description
I have a Constant Contact website and it needs a meta description added to it. How and where do I access the HTML to add this?

By: JoniB11 | Posted on 08-07-2022
Opt-In Form when contact unsubscribes

I'm wondering if it is possible to create a form for when a contact unsubscribes from the mailing list. Ideally the form would give the contact ...

By: CWF_Communications | Posted on 08-08-2022
Using the Contact Management Dashboard
I want to keep my monthly cost as low as possible so I want to delete contacts who are no longer viable customers. I am not clear if I should delete o...

By: JennyG | Posted on 08-08-2022
Adding document link to an email
Can I add a link in an email to a text document that isn't a website?

By: SusanneS006 | Posted on 08-04-2022
Change the background color of an individual block in an email
I can change the color of a block of text for the first 3 blocks. Then all blocks are connected and won't be changed to individual colors. What have I...

By: BayUMC | Posted on 07-29-2022
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By: Katie_G
Posted on 08-12-2022
Register for our "How to Run Goal-Based Fundraising Campaigns" webinar
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By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 08-12-2022
Introducing the new and improved Feedback boards!
Hello Constant Contact Community!   Our Feedback boards are a unique place where we hear directly from customers about improvements they would like to see in our product. Not many companies have this ...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 07-13-2022
Watch our "5 Tips to Level Up Your Email Marketing Efforts" webinar
Taking your email marketing efforts to the next level comes down to using the best practices and tools that work for your audience. In this webinar, learn where to best spend your time and resources t...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 07-11-2022
Release Notes: Summer 2022
Ah, summer. A season full of sunshine, warm weather, and hopefully going outside to enjoy both. We're celebrating some fresh-off-the-grill feature releases and updates to our product and getting rid o...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 07-05-2022
Show more than 20 most recent emails when doing a QuickSend
Can you please change the QUICK SEND feature in the following ways: 1. Have it apply to the Welcome Email, too. 2. REMOVE the limit of campaigns only ...
By: TaraMarieS | Posted on Feb 12, 2018
Client Engagement Activity
It would be extremely helpful to have all 'contact activity' accessible on a single page. That way one can see opens/clicks on older campaigns without...
By: Alaia1 | Posted on Jul 11, 2018
Email link clicks counted in statistics
When I look at the statistics for email campaigns, there is a report for link clicks. Since I use email links in my campaigns, it would be really help...
By: HoffmanInstitute | Posted on Mar 16, 2018
Remove From Lists gives "selected contacts are in use" message
I just created a new mailing list for my organization, and because we have exclusive emails going out to contacts that meet different criteria, I want...
By: BookSeller | Posted on Jul 10, 2018
Adding notes for a contacts from reporting
Returning to the original contact page when accessing a client open in reports. For the past three months I have been asking for a return to the origi...
By: Cobalt | Posted on May 17, 2020
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