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Can a opt-in checkbox be added to the checkout process?
I am using WooCommerce and I want to add an opt-in checkbox to the checkout sequence that uses the email address added by the customer in their regist...

By: RandalW72 | Posted on 06-28-2022
Can you see email opens by list?
If I send a campaign to multiple lists, is there a way to tell which lists opened versus which did not? For example, if no one from X List opened the ...

By: KettPRCA | Posted on 06-30-2022
Font size changes for links when you send email
Hello, For the past few months, whenever I add a link to a webpage in constant contact, even if the font for the text within the link appears to be th...

By: CDPHE-EJ | Posted on 06-28-2022
Unsubscribe email link
Is it possible to create a custom link for the "Unsubscribe" in the footer section. I would like to be able to point to our website where I'll be usin...

By: ShannaS65 | Posted on 06-24-2022
Inconsistent Font Sizing on Custom Template
My font sizes are showing up on my bosses phone inconsistently. I have triple checked that they are all Georgia font 12. How do I fix this problem?

By: RJV3 | Posted on 05-19-2022
Q&A from our "Unlock More Sales and Engagement with Text (SMS) Marketing" webinar
Adding text or SMS to your marketing strategy is a great way to send exclusive offers and information to your audience while communicating in the channels they prefer. In today’s society, most people...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 06-06-2022
Q&A from our "How to Supercharge Campaign Performance with Video" webinar
Ready to up your video marketing game and capture the attention of your audience?   In this free one-hour webinar, you’ll learn how you can create and incorporate videos into your marketing efforts to...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 05-06-2022
Small Business Success 2022 Sweepstakes
Share your successes with the Community and enter for a chance to win a $100 credit on your account!
By: Nick_S.
Posted on 05-02-2022
Watch our "Boost Your Google Search Ranking & Drive More Traffic to Your Website" webinar
When people go looking for products or services online you want them to find you. So how do you increase your chances of showing up? That’s where search engine optimization comes in.   In this one-hou...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 04-05-2022
Release Notes: March 2022
We're saying goodbye to March (hopefully cold weather too) and hello to new account features. Read on to find out what was new in your Constant Contact account during the month of March.  
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 03-30-2022
Deletions From Open List
In the campaigns, the software previously had the option to hit the checkbox on selected contacts , and then on the Action pull down menu to DELETE th...
By: DaveD0064 | Posted on Dec 12, 2018
Copy and paste full length hex values into editor
Hello, 2) I like to change the colors of borders/backgrounds, and I usually take a sampling of the color I want to use from an image I've uploaded in ...
By: LauriHolmes | Posted on Jan 22, 2019
Sync Marketing Calendar with third-party calendar
Hello,   It would be very helpful if the campaign calendar view could be integrated to a google calendar.   Cheers
By: NOLAGoldRugby | Posted on Sep 24, 2020
Easier way to resubscribe a contact
There needs to be an easier way to re-subscribe someone. It should be possible for the CC user to do it. We have several people who have unsubscribed ...
By: Debrat200 | Posted on Sep 21, 2020
Facebook Pixel for Facebook Ads
Hey,   Any chance for Facebook Pixel integration? Would really help with running ads. Love the ability to create landing pages here but without the pi...
By: DenisS21 | Posted on Mar 23, 2020
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