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How do I send tests of my Survey to my clients
Help - posted this days ago on another person's question - as it was the same as mine - got an unneeded reply  badge and no answer. I want to send my ...

By: HKJFF | Posted on 10-15-2021
Deactivated acount
New to this channel! I was in the middle of drafting my first email and wanted to preview and test it. I was able to verify my email and yet, when I w...

By: ManyaM1 | Posted on 10-16-2021
iOS 15 privacy hides all photos in emails
Nowhere am I reading that the result of iOS 15 privacy settings being that ALL photos in a CC email are hidden to the phone user. This is much more se...

By: MichaelL11419 | Posted on 10-16-2021
Possible Bug - at least an undocumented feature
We have encountered a problem: Our email has the sequence: <a <div text </div> </a> designed to create a button that is selectable over it's entire ar...

By: WilliamP6 | Posted on 10-15-2021
Export your contacts or lists into a spreadsheet
Is there a way to export just the "most engaged" contact segment?

By: JohnP7006 | Posted on 10-05-2021
Watch our "6 Tips for Winning the Holiday Season" Webinar
With the holidays accounting for such a large portion of your sales, it’s important to be prepared to capture your customer’s attention and those crucial year-end sales. However, there are a lot of ho...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 09-27-2021
How Real Estate Agents Quickly Start Email Marketing
Have you ever grabbed your favorite jacket on your way to work, slid your hand into the pocket and pulled out some forgotten cash? Just ‘found money’ that was sitting there waiting for you, all you ha...
By: ApiNation
Posted on 09-16-2021
Watch our "Winning in Ecommerce with Email Marketing: Capital Teas" webinar
When it comes to email marketing and ecommerce, winning means getting the right messages and products in front of the right people, at the right times. But that means digging deeper into your data and...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 09-15-2021
Small Business Success Sweepstakes
Enter to win account credits, Marketing Advisor services, and more great prizes when you share a success story for your business!
By: Nick_S.
Posted on 09-13-2021
Watch our "How to Win the Year-End Giving Season" Webinar
Online marketing can play a key role in hitting your year-end fundraising goals. Learn how to stay on track through the busy season with a little planning now to get the word out about your cause.   D...
By: Caitlin_M
Posted on 08-27-2021
Need more than 10 users on Email Plus
We need to have more than 10 users. Please give me a call to discuss.
By: DonP711 | Posted on May 1, 2020
ability to add a forward to friend in emails
I created an email using card/announcement and when I tried to add "forward to a friend", "join my mailing list" and permission reminder" I was not ab...
By: MelanieM34 | Posted on Dec 22, 2014
Typo in your advertising.
Thought you would want to know that you have a typo in your popup ad for referral incentives. 
By: TerryA69 | Posted on Sep 13, 2021
Average Open/click rates should be available at a click
I find it annoying that a service that can track open /click rates for individual campaigns can't provide an average open/click rate that consistently...
By: ShawnM560 | Posted on Feb 13, 2017
Show which contacts were previously unsubscribed upon import
When uploading a new email list, it will tell you the number of contacts that unsubscribed however it won't tell you exactly which contacts/email addr...
By: KaraF25 | Posted on May 5, 2015
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