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How to create Facebook Fan Promotions


Facebook Fan Promotions are an exciting way to engage your audience and attract new customers by creating special redeemable offers such as coupons, sweepstakes or downloadable content on your Facebook business page, in nearly no time! 


Note: If you are a basic user these promotions are considered a plus campaign. You are welcome to purchase a one-time plus campaign for your account by clicking on “My Account”, then “Plans & Pricing”, you will see a link to purchase a plus campaign.


To create a Facebook Fan Promotion:

  1.     Click “Create”

    Create Button in TK.png
  2.     Click on “Grow Facebook fans”
    .What would you like-TK.png
  3.     You will get a brief summary about a Facebook promotion, click “Create”
    Create Button on Facebook Summary-TK.png

  4.     You can now select what kind of promotion to run Coupon, Downloadable Content, or Sweepstakes. Click here for more information on       these types of promotions.

  5.      Press “Select” for the type of promotion you want to create. 

 Tye of FB promotion-TK.png

You are now able to create your Facebook promotion!


Want more information on how it all works?  Check out our FAQ on Facebook Promotions, or click here for a video tutorial!


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Honored Contributor

Thank you for your post.  I have a hard time with this Facebook Promotion Product and would love more detail on its strategy.



Is this tool really creating new customers or making your email lists aware of your facebook page?

Are you relying on your list members liking your page and then having there friends see the like?


I can't see how this is bringing NEW customers to your page.


Can you go into more detail on that please?






Thank you for your response. Yes, exactly if someone likes your promotion then their friends will see that they liked the promotion. This will in turn get more people seeing the promotion and more visibility for you in the long run. If you send just an email to your list, that's great but there is no way to tell if they are on facebook and with just an email they can't spread the word like they can on facebook. So as you can see this can get new customers for you since new people who normally would not receive your email would now have a chance to see what your company is all about and they may want to be on your mailing list in the future. If I may ask, what was your goal for using facebook promotions? Here is a link to best practices for using facebook promotion.





Honored Contributor

"If I may ask, what was your goal for using facebook promotions?"  


Well if you ask. 


One of the clients we run Social Media marketing for is a large auto message forum website where the goal is to increase brand awareness and website visitation (page impressions). We use FB  ( ) to post interesting content that our followers see  (30% will contain links) to our message forum.


The folks in our email lists are already members of the website so sending them a promotion to like our FB page is redundant. Their facebook friends may not be interested in the same thing as they are so the friends of friends penetration isn't a given and may not be for other products either. In our case its a crap shoot. We don't like crap shoots.


As you know the goal of having someone follow you on facebook is to get them to see the content that you share on your timeline (96% of people see your content in their newsfeed, not on your page) Currently the newsfeed algorithm ( old EdgeRank) has a best 6% penetration without boosting (Mari Smith), (awesome posts will see this number higher and intrinsic sharing will make that better)  so as you peel the onion back on this CTCT facebook promotion option, (based on the fact that 6% of your friends may see what you LIKED ( we actually don't have any empirical data on this) you essentially are ending up with a best case scenario of what would equate a 6% open rate, and the friends of friends STILL have to LIKE your page as seeing a friends like does nothing for you.  In our assessment, that's not that great.


We've found that a much more reliable way to increase likes is to pay facebook to promote the page and use the targeting tools they supply.

Using this method we've doubled our following in the last month (currently 8000+).  We use the minimum of $10 a day and ended up on average with 100 "new" followers per day.  Obviously your mileage may vary but with planning you'll def get decent results.


Some may balk at the cost of $10 a day but if your strategy is to discount a product, spend time on administrating a contest or creating special content you might find the $10 far less work with a far more consistent ROI.  You can pay on a daily basis as well to test the waters and targeting subjects as well.


The secret of working in the new algorithm all starts with more page LIKES, followed by compelling content that gets shared and an occasional post boost strategy once your base gets built up.  Finding the quickest way to increase likes quickens the process and gets eyes on your product as quickly as possible.


I'll take a deeper look at your product and see if we can use in to help our effort.


Best Wishes,

Tony Schaefer
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