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Question regarding integration between Constant Contact & Leads360


Question regarding integration between Constant Contact & Leads360



I am very interested in utilizing Constant Contact but I would like few questions answered regarding the API capability between Leads360 (lead management database) and Constant Contact. According to Leads360, they confirmed that it is possible to use your API to send information to Constant Contact. I now have a question regarding the possiblity of Constant Contact communicating and sending information to Leads360 using their API. So here are the questions:


1. Is it possible for Constant Contact to utilize Leads360's API to send information back to Leads360?

2. Does Constant Contact have a specialist who can discuss the capability of communicating back & forth with Leads360? (I have a tech guy from Leads360 and would prefer to setup a meeting to bang out the capability so we can start using Constant Contact)


Please let me know! I'm sure we'll have more questions after the intital response :)




-Masana Noma


Hi Masana,


Our API relies on CRUD:  Create (POST), Read(GET), Update(PUT) and Destroy(DELETE). It basically responds to requests made by applications to perform the above operations on Constant Contact account resources. We do not have facilities to allow the programming of requests to other API's from our systems, so all two-way communications must be carried out by programmed requests in your applications, or any applications that developers seek to integrate with Constant Contact.


At present, if you need to create a custom application to exchange data between services. All of the capabilities of our API can be found among our API documentation, and see particularly our Quick Reference.


If Leads 360 is interested in developing an integration in partnership with Constant Contact, I would strongly encourage them to look into our Technology and Platform Partner options.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer

Thanks for the reply Mark.   Leads360 is actually in our partner program and already has my contact information.  It is certainly possible for them to pull information from Constant Contact back into the Leads360 CRM.  If their development staff would like to work on that and move forward, feel free to have them reach out to me and I'd be more than happy to assist them with their integration. 


Great to hear you're enjoying their integration so far though. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Hi Dave,


According to my Client Sucess Manager at Leads360, they have not done this integration recently and perhaps someone who has left the company (L360) was the person who originally worked with you. Could we setup a time with myself and Robert Cooper (Client Sucess Manager) to discuss the integration sometime tomorrow around 1 PM EST or 3 PM EST?


Please let me know the best way to reach you. Feel free to email me directly at REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS.


Thanks Dave!


Masana Noma

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