Constant Contact Signup Form Generator (CCSFG) [DEPRECATED]


This generator creates a form that uses our older V1 API, which will no longer function as of early 2018. The main functionality this generator provided is now available with your Constant Contact account Signup Form. See the following links for information on using our new Embedded Signup Form, as well as how to modify and customize it.


We recommend using this method, or our current V2 API to create a completely custom form. Details on our V2 API can be found here, and instructions on how to get started can be found here.


The purpose of this form generator utility is to allow Constant Contact customers to generate and implement a more-customized and self-hosted signup form.  While some of our customers have the resources to develop a custom integration with our API, many lack the programming skills or time necessary to develop a signup form from scratch. This easy-to-use utility requires only basic HTML knowledge and web server access and does not require any knowledge of our API or server-side programming.  If you've been directed to use our API because our existing Join My Mailing List functionality does not serve your needs, this custom form generator is a great solution.


This utility allows the following customizations:

  • Select any or all Interest Lists for signup
  • Display or Hide Interest Lists from visitor
  • Select from all available fields of contact information to gather (First Name, Company, Address, etc...)
  • Customize names of Custom Fields 1-15 as they are displayed to the visitor
  • Specify landing pages after the customer signs up
  • Stylize the form generated by this utility to match your website's style

We hope you find this utility useful, and please let us know if you have any feedback on the Support Forums.


Please be aware that due to security concerns, the sign up form generator will add new contacts to your account but will not update existing accounts

We provide these sample codes to demonstrate our API's capabilities and use cases, but they are provided as is, without any guarantees that they will work in all system configurations and different versions of software. We have tested them in our environments and they worked for us, but we expect you to have proper technical knowledge to address any system or coding issues that arise from using these sample codes.


PHP Custom Signup Form Generator


Public Repository: PHP Singup Form Generator




Download: Custom Signup Form (453 KB) Documentation.pdf (470 KB)


Updated 11/01/2010 --


Version 0.0.6


*Change Email Format option to be a radio button allowing either 'text' or 'html', as they are the only valid options for this field.


Version 0.0.5


* Fixed config.php file so that accounts with passwords that have special characters can save properly


* Fixed problem with having lists names with special characters


Updated 8/25/2010 --


Version 0.0.4


* Added option for allowing a jQuery dialog box to pop up, this option can be accessed by checking
"Place Signup form in a pop-up dialog" on page 3 (Web Form Generator) during the process of creating your form.