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Frames for images

Frames for images

I am very disappointed to discover that the options for image "frames" no longer includes a simple white or black keyline. Could you please put that option back? Or have your created a different way of doing the keyline?


AGREE!!!! This has dramatically changed the look and feel of our weekly newsletter. Very disappointed. Please bring them back!

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Hello, The (new) editor lost some of its options for framing pics/images. I liked having the basic, think black outline. That is no longer an option, and now I need to frame the image prior to uploading...not always an easy option. Please bring the basic, think black outline frame back! Thank you.
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Hey @TamlynA7, thanks for your feedback! The image editor that we use a third party image editor in which we unfortunately don't have immediate access to implementing changes. I have submitted this feedback to that third party as I agree, there aren't many options for frames in there. I am also opening this idea for voting so we can continue to gather feedback from other users on this. I'll make sure to update this thread if any updates are made. 

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Status changed to: Voting Open
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What does "Status changed to: Voting Open" mean?

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Hey @TamlynA7, it means that users can vote for this idea and share their feedback such what other frames they'd like to see, how not having frames is affecting their campaigns, etc.. By having this information, we're able to make sure new features are well rounded and improve the experience for many. 

Yes I agree - would very much like the additional frame options to return, mainly the thin black line. It adds a level of professionalism and distinction to the image that is now lost!

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Please add more frames such as a tiny black line for a frame.
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I completely agree. This is very frustrating and requires much more time in Photoshop. Also, how do you revert back to the original settings in frames. Somehow I get a weird interior line that overshadows the image I'm trying to frame. Please help! Thanks.


OMG the editor is just awful. Hard to believe someone thought it was a good idea to replace a simple black frame with limited, super tacky options. Am going to have to open photos in another editor, add the frame then update into CC. New editor has been out for some time and from what I can see, a lot of people feel the same way. CC is meant to be a tool that helps us create professional looking pieces. A pink frilly frame is SO not that!!!


Begging for the old frames back or at the very least a plain black one.


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I'm sorry to hear that these changes have affected your traditional flow when creating emails. Is this something that you would expect to be able to do in the image editor or in the email editor? 

What types of frames would you commonly use?

The new editor is beyond lack luster, a black frame is necessary NOW!
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I try to create a simple, professional email with nice images and only five freaky frame choices do not do it for me! The editor used to have a bunch of frame choices and a plain black frame was one of them. I am very surprised and sad that this has been an issue for months and nothing has been done about it. I didn't have any issues with the old editor - why did it have to change so drastically?

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Strongly agree with all above. The new frame "options" look absolutely terrible. Simple black and white keyline frame options are needed. Constant Contact sales team, how can we make this a priority for you (as it is for us?)