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New Idea

It would be awesome if you at least gave us the opportunity to pay slightly more for the use of a photo in your gallery so that I could use it on my website as well as my fb. Most of the time it's okay, but when I need to use the same photo for an upcoming event, I have to go to istock and find a photo to that I can use it for my CC newsletter, fb, and our website. Give me the option to buy those extended photo rights. Less searches and clicks for me and more money for you.  

Status: Voting Open
If I need to use the library to put images in folders, please make it clear which folder it's currently in
Status: Voting Open

Separate Stock images and My Images

Status: Voting Open
by All Star on ‎09-19-2013 01:05 PM

I noticed this morning that stock images are now included with my list of web images. Please do not combine my images with stock images. I do not like this change.

Status: Voting Open

Please up your maximum file size for attachments (documents & photos). Currently you cannot upload a file larger than 5MB to attach to an email which is extremely inconvenient when you have well-designed trainings with multiple screenshots. Even after compressing my 13 page training it was 5.7MB, still too large. A simple Gmail account allows you to upload attachments that are up to 25MB, so only allowing for 5MB is very low. It's even more frustrating because our company is only using 9% of it's total available space, so there's plenty of room available for a couple larger attachments.

Status: Voting Open

I think it would be nice to have the file name displayed in the preview panel, instead of the randomly generated tag.


This way, when people are saving PDFs and other collateral, it's already named and they know what it is. I find that it could be confusing, if downloading several items.

We typically send out flyers and other documents with every campaign, to our distribution base. 


It would also be nice to have the files come in as attachments for Gmail and other supported email providers -- similar to Vertical Response.


We currently have five accounts and overall, I'm very pleased with the response and delivery rate. As well as the streamlined drag-and-drop, which saves me a ton of time over having to code each campaign individually. Overall, I'm a satisfied customer.

Status: Voting Open

It would be extremely convenient if there were a way to add a URL link to a specific image when uploading the image, so that it remains with the picture no matter which template you put it into. It just saves time and frustration not having to go back and reinsert every URL link in each picture.

I do a lengthy quarterly newsletter for my nonprofit, which is a series of subjects with titles (typical newsletter format).  Rather than having to reformat each article in Word then pdf and upload each article to the CC library, it would be extremely helpful and time-saving if I could just upload the entire newsletter pdf to the library and link the READ MORE in each article to the specific full-length article in the pdf.

Status: Voting Open

Library Export

Status: Voting Open
by BrynaC on ‎05-19-2015 02:33 PM
It would be nice to have a feature that allows for a mass export of the photo library. Having to individually "Save Image" on 400+ images isn't efficient.
Status: Voting Open


Status: Closed - Indirectly Fixed
by All Star on ‎04-06-2016 06:58 PM
I just uploaded an event-specific photo and saw the Folder option while editing the file with a Description. Choose a folder is fine IF an appropriate folder exists. If not, we need the ability to make a new folder right from the Choose folder pull-down.

Show usage

Status: Voting Open
by All Star on ‎08-12-2014 02:34 PM

Sometimes when posting a new newsletter via email, I can't remember if I've already posted an article or picture. To go back and look at my previous emails means going to campaigns, selecting a previous email, and then seeing that preview. I'd much rather have one place I can go to scroll quickly through all of my email creative, one after another. Thanks for considering. Will

Status: Voting Open


Status: Closed - No Action
by KenW618 on ‎02-22-2016 05:50 PM
I love your product and have used it for more than 10 years in this company and in one I had before. One of the problems in the image section is that you can't categorize things into folders. I would like to put all my Grandco Sandals into a file and all my Elastic Shoes into a file so I don't have to go all over the place looking for things. I have images I use at Valentines Day and ones for Xmas and Halloween that should be in a folder but aren't.

Image Replacment

Status: Closed - No Action
by Solution Provider MarcS56494 on ‎04-18-2014 10:12 AM
Bring back that. Uploading an image with the same name. This helped when a typo was sent out. BRING IT BACK
There should be double the amount of space provided here without having to purchase more.

How can I change the block size limit in Image Editor? I want to be able to use a full screen banner at 800 pixels wide or a nearly full screen banner at 600 pixels. Block limit is 400 if I try to resize from clicking on image editor within email template. I have to go to Image Library -- and then edit from within Image Library to get size I want, then select the URL, then go back to template to use the URL link to the image if I want more than 400 pixels wide. Previously, you could very easily, resize based on pixels and control width of image within email template. NOW IT IS A NIGHTMARE. Bring back the old select/change image PLEASE. I don't need to edit images online in Constant Contact -- I need to be able to place them and size them appropriately within my email template. The previous capability worked just fine for that. Please BRING THE OLD VERSION BACK!

Would like there to be an option to replace an image file simular to what is presently there for replacing a document file after an email has gone out Pat Luft
The grid is a nice overview of images, etc., but it would be more convenient to also have the name of the file where the image can be found. This signifies to the user that it has indeed been filed appropriately for the next time it's needed.
Allow to see all folders and scroll through pictures
After allowing a full description for a library folder during input, the library folder name is later truncated so that viewer cannot see the full description. This makes maintenance difficult. As a former programmer, it does not make sense to make the field for entry larger than what can be viewed. Please fix this so we don't delete the wrong folder. thanks for your help

having to go through 800+ images one by one. Could this functionality be added to the program?

Locate Images NOT in Fold

Status: Closed - No Action
by All Star on ‎01-22-2015 11:44 AM
I'm looking for a way to locate specific images that are NOT in a designated folder.