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I am so frustrated because I spend so much time formatting our monthly newsletter and then a good portion of the text-related formatting doesn't come across in the emailed versions. I have tested multiple email providers (e.g., gmail, Cox mail, etc.) and it doesn't matter. Two examples: (1) Landing page font style: We are using basic fonts, nothing fancy (e.g., Ariel, Georgia, Times New Roman). Everything turns to Ariel in the email, regardless of what we used for formatting. (2) Spacing: I love now having the option of 1.5 and 1.2 line spacing options and I re-formatted an entire newsletter to use them. They all come across as single spacing when emailed. WHY GIVE US THE OPTION IF IT DOESN'T WORK. Just wasted so much of my time. Are others experiencing the same thing? Any suggestions of things to try or why this might be happening? Thank you!

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Hello @PACM ,


When I test send to myself, the font type and size (even half-sizes) appears as expected in my browser, mobile browser, and mobile app versions of Gmail. Have you checked the receiving email programs' text settings to see if they'd be forcing the text to be a certain way, or have you checked the browser you're using to see if it's set to force fonts to appear a certain way?


If you regularly copy your email from previous copies, have you checked to see if the issue still occurs when you test using a fresh, new template? Or when you copy from a more direct source - like a reusable template you've made or the original version of an email you've regularly made copies of copies from?

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