50 Contact Limit in API Requests


50 Contact Limit in API Requests


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We routinely sent emails to lists of 200,000+ contacts. After a campaign has completed, a PHP script we wrote picks up the results (who received it, who opened, who bounced, etc) and places them into our marketing database.


Due to the 50 contact limit, our script has to send your API a massive number of HTTP requests to retrieve the data for a campaign. This overhead seem to slow the process down considerably.


It would be great if the API could allow a greater number of contacts to be received in a single request, either by default, or with the ability to specify the number to retrieve via a GET parameter.


Are there any known workarounds? (would prefer not to rewrite in a language which supports threads, or implement pseudo-thread child processes). Would it be feasible to add such a function to your development roadmap?


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At this time we do have a strict limit of 50 returned entries per page, but we have forwarded your request on to our product developers as this may be something we change in the future, although I do not have an ETA of when that would happen. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

David J

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By default 50 entires are returned in each request, the api is giving the facility to specifiy the parameter in query string and can get maximum of 200  per each reaust, please find the below link and the details for more reference.


The pageSize parameter would typically be used to increase the number of events returned with each request, thus reducing the total number of required requests.  The currently supported values for are 1 <= pageSize <=200. If no value is provided, the default value (50) will be used. 




Good post on an update on this request!  We are looking to continue to find ways to make the APIs easier to use and reduce the number of calls needed for common tasks.  Page size is continueing to be a place we're looking at to do this.  Hopefully you'll see more enhancements like the one we did for Campaign Events for other areas of our API in 2011.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Any progress on making this happen?



As of right now there is no way to adjust the page size.  However this is still a feature that may include in a future release. 

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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