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Be a Marketer With Dave Charest

As a small business owner, you need to be a lot of things to make your business go – but you don't have to be a marketer alone. Join host Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, as he discusses what small businesses need to know to successfully grow a loyal customer base, share updates, drive traffic, and boost sales. You’ll hear Dave’s advice from talking with Constant Contact customers, as well as tips from industry experts and stories from small business leaders just like you. New episodes every Thursday.

#20 - Using Abundant Thinking to Solve Problems With Ed Bernstein

If it costs a little and means a lot, just do it! This is Ed-ism number one. It’s also how Ed Bernstein, President of 25Score, manages to thrive in a market led by Groupon and LivingSocial.

#19 - The Joy of Being Your Own Boss With Lisa Hammer and Dave Newman

Lisa Hammer is a business leader with a mindset for marketing, communications, and finance. Dave Newman is a mechanical engineer with a passion for teaching. Together, they run Leadership Techniques LLC, where their complementary skill sets drive their success.


#18 - Building a Real Estate Business Through Email with Ricky Carruth

Get ready to learn from a real estate expert who's experienced the ups and downs of the industry. Ricky Carruth closes about 100 deals a year without prospecting and credits his success to his weekly email newsletter.

#17 - Go Big and Disrupt an Industry with Sonja Rasula

Imagine emptying your 401K to the tune of $50,000 to book a venue for your first event as a business owner with no previous entrepreneurship experience. Go big or go home, right? 

#16 - Email Marketing Made Easy with Ken Countess

Email marketing is the backbone of any digital strategy — a tried and true way to reach customers. And the best part is, you don’t have to get overly advanced to see results.

#15 - The Power of Helping Your People Grow with Barbara Gassaway

If you’re at a point where you have staff representing you and your business, it’s essential to train them to provide excellent customer experiences.

#14 - Getting to Clear, Concise Messaging with Joan Noe

A business is only as successful as the message it puts out to its customers. That’s a fact that Joan Noe knows well. 

#13 - Building Your Audience Through Trustworthy Content with Michelle Cummings

As a business owner, is giving stuff away for free effective? Michelle Cummings, the founder of Training Wheels, has seen it work. In Michelle’s case, free content builds trust with her audience.

#12 - A Look Inside SMS Marketing with Hannah & Zack

What if you could communicate directly with customers on a device they have on them at all times — and they’d prefer it? Look no further than SMS.

#11 - Building Trust with Your Audience with Tom Agostino

Growing your customer base is critical to sustaining any business. But when it comes to marketing, you can’t forget about your most important audience — your current customers. People that already know you can be your biggest advocates. 

#10 - Adopting a Customer-First Approach with Gab Leonetti

When marketing your business, it’s so tempting to want to talk only about your business. These are our services. This is what we can do to help. Here’s why we’re great...

#9 - Selling Authentically with Omar Zenhom

Omar Zenhom learned all of his best sales tricks from his dad, a car salesman. 

#8 - Sticking to the Basics With Frank Fantasia

Ah, the snowbird life. It’s a great luxury if you can come by it, but there’s always a house somewhere that sits empty. And with that long-empty house comes inherent security and maintenance risks. 

#7 - Faith, Integrity, Impact, and Abundance with Dereck E. Moore

Some of the best lessons in business come from sports. Just ask former Arizona State football player Dereck E. Moore.

#6 - Packing Your Bench for Success with Scharrell Jackson

Sometimes, the security of the corporate world wins over striking out on your own. For Scharrell Jackson, a single mom of three, that was true. 

#5 - Imposter Syndrome and Defining Your Brand Story with Dave Gerhardt

Striking out on your own after years in the corporate world is scary. But for a marketing guru like Dave Gerhardt, that transition was a little less daunting. All he needed was the right story.

#4 - Finding Your Tribe with Pam Roussell

Pet health problems aren’t always solved by a trip to the vet — a problem that Pam Roussell knows all too well. A longtime cat lover and holistic health practitioner, Pam’s cat boutique, Purrrfectly Holistic, gives pet owners alternative approaches to healing their furry friends.

#3 - Growing a Business With Consistency, Connection, and Community with the Gindos

There wasn’t a lot of forethought before Chris and Mary Ginder decided to start a hot sauce company. Chris had the idea one day and suddenly became obsessed with making and selling their own fresh pepper hot sauce.

#2 – Lessons From a 25-Year Serial Entrepreneur with Ramon Ray

Becoming a serial entrepreneur wasn’t in Ramon Ray’s original plan. After owning five businesses, selling three, and preparing to launch several more, Ramon can see how his experiences have changed how he runs his businesses.

#1 - Building a Business by Building Community with Tamika Catchings

Running a tea house is one of the last things you’d picture for a WNBA star and four-time Olympic gold medalist. In fact, it’s not even what Tamika Catchings saw herself doing. But in 2017, Tamika bought Tea’s Me Cafe in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has since expanded to a second location — even while navigating the business challenges that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Be a Marketer with Dave Charest is a podcast designed for Constant Contact customers. Find out what to expect so you can make progress from wherever you are in your marketing journey. 

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