5 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Email Open Rates [Discussion]


This post on how to improve email open rates, gets into the details of the following five strategies:


  1. Invest in your subject line
  2. Fix your “from name”
  3. Find the best time to send
  4. Get to know your audience
  5. Revisit your sign-up process


Have you tried any of the above to get better open rates from your emails? Did it work? What else have you tried?



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That's really nice ideas, i am impressed by your writing skills. I want to share my skills too.


1 Send emails from a real person 2 Make an incredible first impression 3 Make your subject line short and intriguing 4 Consider the first sentence 5 Use email authentication 6 Timing is key 7 Segment your list carefully 8 Keep your List clean


Hi @user50123 


Thanks for sharing these great points. Following the strategies you've shared can definitely help with your open rates! Please let us know if you ever have any questions as you continue to work in your account.