Contact Sources


Where do we come from? What does it all mean? These are existential questions that have plagued humanity for generations. And while that debate still rages, I can comfortably say we have answered a question near and dear to our Constant Contact faithful.


Where do my contacts come from?

Contacts have multiple origin points, depending on how accessible you have made it for potential sign-ups to join your mailing lists. They can be added manually to your account through a spreadsheet, typed in, or pasted. Contacts that are uploaded in these fashions are considered “Added by you.”

Of course contacts can come from many other sources. Let’s take a look at how we label the various contact sources in your account and what kind of import process would assign the label to a contact.


Website sign-up form

Contacts who sign up through a form created from within Constant Contact. This form can be found under List Growth Tools.

Text to sign-up

Contacts who sign up through our Text-To-Join service.


Contacts who mark they want to receive mailings from the event organizer.

Social campaign

Contacts who sign up through a Facebook advertisement.


Contacts who sign up through a Coupon.


Contacts who sign up through the Facebook JMML.

Other app

Contacts who sign up through third-party integrations.


Contacts created before 2012 or contacts that were part of the recent contact split.


How can I leverage this information?

How indeed! Contact source can be useful information when figuring out how to segment your lists. Some users are content to send to one big master list, but taking the time to evaluate where your contacts are coming from and targeting that specific source might yield knowledge of which source is the most engaged.

Are contacts that sign up through Facebook more engaged than contacts who sign up through a website sign-up form? Do contacts that sign up through Deal/Offer start off strong and then drop when the incentive is finished? These are a couple of questions to ask yourself when considering how to leverage the information.

What do you think? What other ways could the contact source be used to improve your marketing performance?


please send us new offer to send only 1x pro week a mail from 20.000


Hello @PaulD695. If you have questions about your billing or pricing for your account, we ask that you call into our Billing department. Here is a link to their numbers and hours. 


Hi Nick,

I could not send any email to my lists. Please may you help me about this issue ?


kind regards,


Hello @BilginY. I just replied to you on a different post but you do have to contact our Account Review team before you are able to send again. Here is a link to their numbers and hours. 


Suddenly the new subscribers  I'm getting from my web sign up form have odd numbers and letters instead of first and last names.


first name 59535546445e

last name 59535546444a6

constant contact customer support are not responding to my request for assistance


Hello @ElenaP1. I would suggest contacting our Deliverablity department in regards to the type of contacts that you are seeing in your account. Here is a link to their contact information. Also, I recommend that you activate Confirmed Opt-In in your account. This would require contacts to reply to a confirmation email before they are officially added to any of your lists. 


Hello - I want to isolate our contacts based on source, specifically, those from our website sign-up form. I am not finding instructions for this. Please help. Thanks. 


Hi @AbbyS09 


Have you tried using our Advanced Search feature? This feature allows you to find specific contacts that fit your search, including how they were added.