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Hello Community, I'm here to help!


Hello! My name is Gwendolyn. I’ve been with Constant Contact since November 2016, working in Customer Support and now Social Support since April 2017. I assist customers over the phone, and I am super excited to start assisting customers via the community forum, too! Our customer satisfaction is important to me, and I am always looking for feedback and ways to improve the customer experience.

When I have down time, I spend it mostly with my family and friends. I love knitting, and one of my favorite yarn shops is a Constant Contact customer, Longmont Yarn Shoppe in Longmont, CO! I also enjoy playing billiards, practicing kung fu, and engineering projects. Speaking of engineering, I received my degree in Materials Engineering in May 2012, so I’m really looking forward to bringing that expertise to Constant Contact.

I am really happy to join the Community, and am happy to help with anything I can to make your experience with our products more efficient and enjoyable.



Hi Gwendolyn -


This morning I received this reply from CC in response to my question about the need for a Forward to a Friend button that has been removed from the current editor.

"You had posted in our Community about the request for Forward to a Friend to be available in our third-generation editor. I wanted to reach out to you after hearing back from our Product team. At this time, there aren't plans to bring back this feature because it was not used by many of our customers. However, the Product team has been looking into creating options to help grow your contact list and provide an easier way for a contact who receives a forwarded email to subscribe."

This does not solve the problem of being unable to Forward to a Friend because the people receiving our emails are ALREADY SUBSCRIBED. It is when those already on our database FORWARD our information to a friend, does the SUBSCRIBE work the way it's supposed to work and this is what allows us to grow our database to interested people.

Moreover, I've noticed that some of your customers are complaining that they are getting Unsubscribes from people who did not unsubscribe. That typically happens when people are forced to just forward an email through their internet provider. That person doesn't like it and they hit Unsubscribe and we actually ending losing people on our database. Who then have no idea why they are no longer receiving emails they had subscribed to.

I'm not clear at all as to why CC thinks this feature wasn't being used. I'm quite sure it is one of the single most important features that belong on the campaigns your customers need.

Please reconsider. As a courtesy to your loyal customers.

Thank you,

Doris Wise


Hi @dorism11!


Thank you for reaching out! I looked over the correspondence between you and Caitlin, and unfortunately, I don't have much more information to pass on, other than we are researching the Forward to a Friend/Unsubscribe issue. I can definitely pass on the feedback to our product team though! Thank you for your patience in this issue, we really do appreciate all your feedback.


Gwendolyn B

Established Member

Hi Gwendolyn,


I posted the following yesterday and cannot find it anywhere in the community.  I think this is an important discussion that needs to take place NOW!


First, as a fellow programmer - I really do appreciate the long hours and hard work that is necessary to create something that really works for a large number of users.  Your new interface is a failure.


My credentials? I am Network Administrator for a 501.c.3 charitable organization that provides medical care for needy people.  I am Webmaster for 12 domains that actually turn a profit.  I am NOT naming names, unless you (CC Management) contact me privately - you know how - OK?


Let's take a trip down memory lane and consider other ideas that did not make the grade:


Galaxy Note 7 - Truly a crash and burn

Windows Vista - Looked good - at first

Microsoft Zune - Too klutzy to use

Windows ME - Do you remember this one?

MySpace - Crushed by Facebook

Olestra - zero calorie fat substitute

    Going farther back in time:

"New" Coke - an absolute disaster

Sony betamax - technically superior, but trounced by VHS

The Edsel - Yes I am old enough to remember this one.


Bottom line - the folks responsible for all of the above failed products worked hard, used all of their considerable ingenuity, spent tons of cash, and yet they all failed for a variety of reasons.  For each one there was a point in time when stark reality hit them between the eyes, and they were forced to acknowledge that in spite of all of their combined wisdom, effort, and cash - they produced a product that ultimately failed.


I encourage CC to cut your losses, dump the new interface, and revive the previous interface while your folks work on something better.







Hello @PunchCard. Thank you for the valuable feedback regarding our new interface. I want to send this over to the appropriate teams but I would like to see if there was anything that we could do to assist you during this transitition. 


May I ask what exactly what trouble you were experiencing while working in this new interface or if you were having difficulty locating a certain part of your account? If we could get this information, I could forward it to our developers who are constantly working to make improvements and updates to our product. I see that you have been able to speak with our Support team in the past and I hope that they were able to assist you. You can either reply here or you can also email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this post and your feedback.