Meet a Constant Contact Employee - Sherrie


Sherrie is the Senior Director of our Product Management team. Know all of those awesome features and updates we have made to our product? Sherrie most likely had a hand in making it happen. We're throwing Sherrie into the spotlight and asking her a few questions. Let's go!


A little background on Sherrie


Sherrie and her familySherrie and her family


Sherrie has worked in product management for various SaaS companies for the last 10 years and has been here at Constant Contact for 5 years. Prior to that, she worked in professional services as a project manager. She has a Master's degree from Boston University in Computer Information Systems and a Bachelor's degree from Colby College in Computer Science.


Let's hop into the Q&A! 


What makes you excited to come into work every day?

The team of great people rallying towards a common goal of helping small business be more successful.


If you could give one piece of advice to a small business, what would it be?

Plan your emails in advance. Make sure you personalize them as much as possible. Have a clear goal for each campaign. It's tempting to put lots of content in your emails, but your inbox is flooded and the longer the email, the less likely it is to be read especially on a mobile device. Make sure your email gets read by your loyal customers by keeping it short, simple and to the point!


What is your favorite new feature that has been added to accounts this year?
We are in the middle of beta testing our new Subject Line A/B Testing feature. I am very excited to deliver this feature to our customers. This has been a top requested feature by our more advanced customer segment as a way for them to increase engagement. The feature is powerful but easy for anyone to use.

Editor's Note: We're very excited about this feature as well! As Sherrie said, this highly requested feature is in closed beta testing at the moment but we'll be sure to let you know here in the Community under our Product News board when we have more information about this new feature


What feature are you excited about that is in the works for our customers?
The Marketing Calendar will be released to our customers very soon. This feature will help customers plan their marketing efforts and see all their tactics in one location. We can also make recommendations for campaigns based on the season or upcoming holidays! The possibilities are endless.


Now let's get to the fun stuff. Outside of the office, what do you like to do?
I have two little girls — Madelyn and Mackenzie. They keep me very busy. We have a house in Falmouth, MA and spend a lot of weekends relaxing at the beach, hiking at The Knob, eating seafood and ice cream.

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What is your favorite vacation spot?

Barcelona, Spain. I've only been once but it was by far my favorite city I've visited. It has all of my favorite things. Great shopping, food, wine, beaches and parks all within walking distance. There are very few places in the world where you can go to the beach right in the city -- and the beaches are beautiful. The architecture is amazing and you pass by beautiful works of art in the city streets. I hope to get back there someday.


What skill would you like to learn?

Cooking - I’ve mastered hot dogs, mac & cheese, chicken fingers and french fries so far.


What is your favorite local small business or non-profit that you wish more people knew about?

Elevate Fitness & Health in Kingston, MA. They center on the health of the entire being rather than just focusing on fitness or food. They understand the importance and necessity of having both exercise and the right foods to be successful in gaining true overall health. They have helped countless women and men lose over 2,000 pounds collectively and attain their health goals.


What advice would you give to yourself at age 16?

Enjoy the simplicity of life now, it gets more complicated as you get older.


What is your favorite board game?

Taboo, not really a board game, does that count?

Editors Note: We'll count it, Sherrie! 


Thanks for the great answers, Sherrie! Make sure to give a thumbs up if you liked this Q&A or if you want to see more of these. Also, comment below with any questions you'd like us to ask a Constant Contact employee. 

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