Practical Uses for Email Automation - Webinar Recording and Q&A


Automated emails not only allow you to save time, but they also allow you to build stronger relationships by sending timely, relevant emails to your subscribers. We’ll provide a simple formula and use case examples to help you create automated emails that get results for your business.


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- Turn customers into loyal, repeat buyers

- Keep your audience engaged


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 Click Segmentation and Automation

  • How do I activate click segmentation?
    • Click segmentation is activated by creating a link in the Third-Generation Editor and selecting the box labelled “Enable Click Segmentation” on the insert link screen. From here you will be asked to choose a list to use.



  • Can someone be added to multiple lists, including for automation, via click segmentation? If so, will they receive multiple emails?

    • Yes, your contacts can be added to multiple lists. Our system recognizes the same email address across multiple lists and will only send them one copy of the email.



  • Does the recipient of an automated email need to open it in order to receive the next email in the automated series?

    • Nope! All emails in the automated series will send no matter if the previous email in the series was opened or not.



  • How can I use email automation with customers at a physical location?

    • It’s always a great idea to ask your customers for their email address at checkout. Once you have their email address you can add them to the list of contacts receiving your automated emails.



  • Does click segmentation work on my website?



  • How do I trigger an automatic survey email?

    • Great question! If you subscribe to the Email Plus plan you can add a Survey action block to one (or multiple) emails in your automated series. Or, if you have a full Survey already complete and ready to go you can include the Survey link in your automated email(s.)

Events and Automation


  • Can I automate event reminders for my registrants?

    • You sure can! Add your Event registrants to their own list and create a series of emails that will automatically be sent to them at certain intervals. Please keep in mind that you cannot choose a specific date for the automated emails, only the intervals between sending, so you’ll need to plan your emails accordingly.



  • How can I use email automation to have people sign up for my event?

    • Make sure to add your event URL to the emails in your automated series. You can create a button or use an image with a call-to-action to sign up and have it hyperlinked to your event URL — just an idea!



Birthday and Anniversary

  • How are birthday and anniversary emails automated?



  • How do I get people to provide their birthday or anniversary?

    • Your contacts won’t share that information unless you ask them to! You can incentivize them by hinting at a special birthday or anniversary mailing that offers a special benefit to them. Also, make sure to have the birthday field available in your Update Profile Form (the link displays in the footer of all of your emails) so people can add the information that way.



  • What’s the cutoff time for adding people to a birthday email?

    • Good question! Let’s say you have a contact whose birthday is on Friday. You need to have their birthday entered into our system by 10 AM ET the day before their birthday (in this example, Thursday) as it will scan for those contacts and get everything ready to send the email at 10:15 AM ET on their birthday.



  • If I send a coupon via automated birthday or anniversary emails will they have their own unique coupon codes?  

    • When using the our Trackable Coupon each contact will receive a unique coupon code sent directly to their email address.



  • How can I leverage birthday or anniversary emails when I’m not a brick-and-mortar or online retailer?

    • You don’t have to sell physical goods to make use of these automated emails! Everyone likes to be acknowledged, so even if you can’t offer a coupon you can still say happy birthday and leave a memorable mark on your contact. Perhaps instead of a product you can offer them a best practice or tip that relates to your industry or theirs? When it comes to birthdays and gifts, remember — it’s the thought that counts!



  • How do I send out an email to collect birthday and anniversary dates for my existing contacts?

    • Make use of the Update Profile Form. This link is located in the footer section of your email so make a call out in the body of your email so folks won’t forget to click and update their information.



Contacts and Sign-Up

  • Can I use Constant Contact to send out emails once a customer has placed an order on my website?

    • It depends on what integration you have connected. I would check out our Marketplace for some great first and third party options. If, where the contact information from the purchase is stored is connected to your Constant Contact account, and the list they are added to is connected to an Autoresponder, then it would be possible.



  • Is it still legal to use an enticement in an email regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

    • It is still legal. GDPR just covers transparency in how a person’s data is used and that they provide express permission to be contacted. If you promote an enticement in a way to draw in new contacts, if they sign-up for the enticement then they are giving permission to be contacted. Click here to learn more about GDPR and how it relates to Constant Contact.



  • How can I update my contact list and remove contacts who have not opened an email after a certain date?

    • Please click here for a video tutorial on how to gather a list of contacts who haven't opened your emails over a period of time. After creating this list you can then delete these contacts from your account, or re-engage with them to get them interested again!



  • How do I connect Constant Contact with my website?

    • Make sure your website is linked within any campaign you send out so your contacts have an easy way to connect directly to it. In addition, you can add one of our sign-up forms to your website to grow your contact list, and/or add links or buttons for any events, surveys or polls you're running.



  • Could I set up targeted customer lists and send different sets of automated emails to each list?

    • Yes! Segmenting contact lists is a marketing best practice. If you subscribe to the Email Plus plan you have unlimited access to all of our Automation features. With this you can set up a series of automated emails for specific lists.



  • Is there a way to update a list of clients from my website into Constant Contact without having to upload it to Excel?

    • There are several ways to add contacts to your account including integrations that can automatically sync contacts from your own contact management system. These are all available to find and research in our MarketPlace. Click here to visit.



  • Can I change the colors of a pop-up sign-up form?

    • The text color and background color of the sign-up button, and the background color of the pop-up sign-up form can be customized.



  • When will the pop-up sign-up form work properly on Internet Explorer 11?

    • Internet Explorer 11 is a web browser supported by Constant Contact. If you're experiencing troubles with your pop-up sign-up form please reach out to Customer Support so we can further assist you.



  • When I upload additional contacts to a list that is setup for automation, will these contacts get the automation flow?

    • Yes! Automation emails are triggered to automatically send when a new contact is added, either manually or through a sign-up tool, to the list(s) associated with that series.



  • Can I add my LinkedIn or Facebook contacts to an email automation? If so, how?

    • You'll want to add the Join My Mailing List Facebook App to your Facebook business page and connect it with the list selected for your Autoresponder series. It allows you to collect new contacts directly from your Facebook business page! You can also share and promote your email campaigns on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages using Social Share. Be sure to include a link or button to your sign-up form within your email campaign. At this time there’s not a way to



  • If I have a customer with one email address (parent) but the clients are two kids, how can I include an email for each kid?

    • You can only have one email address per contact profile. You would need an alternate email address for the second kid, in this scenario. You could create custom fields on the initial contact profile to store the second child’s information (or have the contact profile be the parent and then the kids’ name and info are stored as custom fields). If the same email address is being used for both kids then this would be the most effective way, currently.



  • How can I automatically update my lists? Both for new clients and clients who have gone from active to inactive, etc.?

    • It depends. If you’re using a third-party program that stores your client information and it has an integration with Constant Contact, it would be possible to automate any changes in the third-party program to reflect in Constant Contact. Otherwise, you would need to update spreadsheets manually and then re-upload them to Constant Contact.





  • What integrations are available for Constant Contact?

    • There are first and third-party integrations that connect Constant Contact with many other programs. These are all available to find and research in our MarketPlace. Click here to visit.
  • What if I have an issue with or need help setting up a third-party integration?
    • As the integration is developed and managed by the third-party, we recommend you contact the support team for the third-party directly as they will best be able to assist you. Their contact information can be found on their MarketPlace page.



  • Can I link Constant Contact to my website to get contacts if someone visits my website?

    • Yes! You can add one of our sign-up forms to your website! Click here to learn more.



  • Can contacts who sign up through Facebook trigger an Autoresponder series?



  • Is there a way to automatically add leads to Constant Contact that are gained through Facebook Ads?

    • At this time there isn’t an integration that will automatically transfer contacts picked up by Facebook Ads to a user’s Constant Contact account. You can, however, add our Facebook sign-up form to your Facebook business page. Click here to learn more.



  • When I make a change to a contact (like their name) in Constant Contact, if they’re associated with the same contact in Shopify, the next time the integration connects Shopify wipes out my changes in Constant Contact. What do I do?

    • You will want to update the contact in Shopify instead, so when the integration connects it will push the change to Constant Contact.




  • Is it possible to automate a newsletter email campaign to go out every Monday? Without copying and making it another campaign?

    • This definitely is possible! In fact, this would be done through an Autoresponder. Autoresponders allow you to create, schedule and automate a series of emails in your account. When you are scheduling the first email in this series you will have to create a custom timeframe. You can set the first email to be scheduled for Mondays with every other email in the series to go out a week after the previous.



  • Where do I find how to resend to non-openers?

    • That’s a great question. We have recently made updates to help streamline resending emails to non-openers. On the scheduling page of your email campaign is where you can activate your email to automatically resend to these contacts. If this email has already been sent, we suggest resending your email through a QuickSend instead. However, our QuickSend feature is only available to a list with up to 5,000 contacts. If your list of non-openers is over 5,000 contacts you would have to create a new list of these non-openers and schedule a copy of your email campaign to them.



  • Does the automation work for the people I add manually to the list (from another databaselegally of course) or do they have to sign up with the Constant Contact sign-up form?

    • Yes! There is definitely more than one way you can trigger your Autoresponder series to the contacts in your selected list. These contacts can be added manually in your account, through a sign-up form, or even pulled in from a different program by a plug-in or integration. When you activate your series, you’ll even be given the option to send this series to the contacts already existing in this list.



  • If a contact takes action will the rest of the automated emails keep sending to them? For example, a contact takes action on email #1 will they still receive email #2 and #3 in the automation series?

    • That is correct. They would need to be removed manually.



  • Can automation emails be set up for contacts who are added to a list manually?

    • Yes! As long as the contact is not on the list when the Autoresponder is activated then adding their contact to the list would still trigger the series.



  • How do I start an anticipation series? Other automations are triggered by opt-in but anticipation would require my first email to go out ????

    • Our Autoresponder series is triggered by opt-in, so you would have to provide a link to a sign-up form landing page in your initial email where they would fill it out and get added to the list associated with the Autoresponder series.  



  • Automated series are only for people who sign up online, correct? I use a database that imports to Constant Contact every evening. Would this work for those addresses that are added daily?

    • Automation emails are triggered to automatically send when a new contact is added, either manually or through a sign-up tool. This also includes any third-party integrations that sync contacts to your account.



  • Are the automation emails being sent after it's opened?

    • All emails in the automated series will send (at the frequency selected) no matter if the previous email in the series was opened or not.



  • Is there a way to set up an automatic resend to non-openers from an email campaign?

    • Yes! If you subscribe to the Email Plus plan you can automatically resend an email to contacts who did not open. On the scheduling page just place a check next to "Resend to Non-Openers", select the number of days you want to wait before resending, update the subject line, and click confirm.




  • What if I missed the webinar or want to watch it again?



  • How can I find out about other webinars?



  • Where is the Send to Non-Openers feature located?

    • You can find the Resend to Non-Openers option right on the email scheduling screen. This option will be just below the time to send section.



  • Can I use coupon codes in an event registration?

    • Absolutely! This option is located on the event settings page, we call them “Discount Codes.”



  • Can I use a Poll Block in a Welcome Email series?

    • Yes you can! This is a great way to get feedback right away from your newest subscribers.
  • I assume you have to manually move current customers to a former customers list when their subscription ends?
    • That is correct.



  • Do the trackable coupons have a unique code for each person?

    • That is a great question! Each person will be provided with a unique code and a QR code for easy redemption.



  • How do I get more customers to come in to my store?

    • Providing a trackable coupon with a discount and an expiration date will give a sense of urgency to redeem a deal that will not be around for long!



  • How can I personalize the subject and the email with a contact’s name?

    • You can personalize the subject line right from the Header Options when working on your email campaign. Click here to learn more.


  • I am working on a campaign and trying to change the background and it keeps getting stuck on a color I didn't choose. How can I fix this?

    • The color of your email's background can be changed from the Design tab. You'll see options for changing the Outer and Inner Backgrounds. From this tab you can also change the color of pre-designed Feature Article blocks. To change the background color of an individual block, place your cursor over the block you want to change and click the gear icon on the right. Then click the paint can icon and choose a color  



  • I see a lot of suspended emails, what exactly does that mean?

    • Suspended email addresses happen when we repeatedly try to send to the same email address and it comes back as non-existent. We place them on a suspension so sending to them does not negatively impact deliverability rates. Click here to learn more.



  • Could a brick and mortar store use just the review email for feedback on the store and staff?

    • If you subscribe to the Email Plus plan you can set-up a Poll or Survey within your email campaign in order to collect direct feedback. This allows you to capture the information you’re specifically interested in, and better engage and understand your customers.
  • If the greeting tag was from the email address then there is no need to ask for the first name on the sign-up forms, right?
    • Because a greeting tag pulls the name stored from the name field in the contact record, you’ll definitely want to include the first name field on any sign-up forms.



  • Can I use custom email templates for autoresponders rather than Constant Contact templates?



  • Can I text wrap around an image yet?

    • Text wrapping is available in the Third-Generation Editor. Simply drag and drop the image to the text you want to wrap around it. You'll see the guide boxes to position the image to the top right or top left side of the text.



  • When trying to take a survey this is the message I receive “We're sorry. You have already taken this survey.” What’s going on?

    • Typically, a Survey can only be taken one time on the same computer. If you want to allow multiple submissions of a Survey from the same computer, you can select the option to enable it to allow multiple responses from the same computer. Note: Anonymous participants can automatically retake your Survey multiple times.



  • Are there plans to make emails smart enough so that they are sent when end-users typically open their emails? (i.e. during the morning, afternoon, after work, at night, etc.)

    • At the moment this level of Automation is not on the road map, but it’s a great idea! I have forwarded it to our developers for review.
  • Is the Send to Non-Openers option coming to all accounts? Or must I subscribe to the pricing plan for autoresponder services?



  • Is the autoresponder only available in the more expensive monthly account?

    • The Autoresponder feature is only available with the Email Plus plan which allows access to the entire suite of Constant Contact products.



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