API Key for Elegant Themes plugin Bloom


API Key for Elegant Themes plugin Bloom

I set up an API key for myself for the plugin Bloom by Elegant Themes. I'm now setting up a new Wordpress site for a client. They just signed on to use Constant Contact. I want to use Bloom as the plugin to sign up for the newsletter.


Do I need to set up a developer account for my client in order to get an API key or can I use my existing API key to get her set up? It sounds like I can use the same API key but I don't know how to go about doing that. Please keep the instructions simple. It's been a long frustrating week with this new site.

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Hello Kym,


You are correct in thinking that you can use the API Key you created instead of needing to create a new key. Additionally, there should be no special steps needed to use your API key. Any integration that connects with Constant Contact will require you to either log in to your Constant Contact account, or provide a set of login credentials. This step is what allows the integration to connect to the proper account, rather than being connected to a specific API key.


If you have any difficulties connecting, I would suggest trying to reach out to the Elegant Themes team first, as they will know more about their plugin since they have created it. You can also reach out to us and we will be happy to help where we can!



Elijah G.
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Hi there. I am trying to use Bloom as the popup to capture emails. I got it work, it's adding users to my list, but it's not triggering the welcome email. I could have swore it was working at one point, but it's possible it never worked. Any insight on how to troubleshoot? I will contact Elegant Themes as well and work it from both ends.


Thanks in advance,


Hi Matthew,


The most common cause for this issue is if the integration has ACTION_BY set to ACTION_BY_OWNER instead of ACTION_BY_VISITOR. This tells Constant Contact that a contact is being added or updated by the account owner, not by the subscriber themselves. This has two effects. First, no welcome email is sent when someone signs up through the form. This is because our system is treating it as if you went into the Constant Contact website and manually added them there. Two, they are not included on the subscriber updates, as they are not seen as contacts subscribing themselves, but instead as being added by you.


The first thing I would suggest is that Elegant Themes check that their ACTION_BY is set to ACTION_BY_VISITOR as described in our documentation here: http://developer.constantcontact.com/docs/contacts-api/contacts-collection.html?method=POST


Please let me know if you have any other questions.

David B.
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You're exactly right. Using that information, I was able to track down the root of the issue. The version of the plugin I had was using a wrong ACTION_BY. The new version changed it to ACTION_BY_VISITOR.


Thank you!

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