Can't create a new API Key


Can't create a new API Key


I'm using Constant Contact with Woocommerce via the Woothemes integration plugin -


For this I need an API key. The Woothemes documentations says to create a key here -


When I fill in all the details as per the Woothemes documentation and submit the form no key is created - the frame reloads and there is the message saying I have no keys.


I've spoken to Woothemes about the this and they've told me that they can create keys using that form.

I've tried the form in different browsers but whatever I do I still can't create a key.


Is it something to do with my account? I can log in on the first page of the form no problem.

I'm a Constant Contact partner and assumed I had access to everything including th API.






Hi Jennifer,


If you need an API key for your integration, the quickest and easiest way to get one is actually to get a key for our V2 API (Which also works with our V1 API as well) here:


It does require you to set up a developer account(which has no cost associated) and verify the email address. If you have any problems with getting a key, please let me know!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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