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Contact Subscription History



Is there a way to find a contact's subscription history? I.E. Contact A subscribed to List 1 before although contact A has already opted-out from list 1 right now.


And if there's an API for getting this information?



Thank you.




At this time we have not implemented anything like that yet, however I will list this as a feature request on your behalf. 

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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Hi Ryan,


Thanks for making it into the possible feature queue.


It's actually related to this post (also by me):


That's basically what I want to do.  Would you mind to take a look and see if you have any insights?



This is something we're looking at now.  The way our UI is designed, it's not currently possible to do automatically.  You would basically need to do these steps to accomplish that:


1. Create a new list of the total customers

2. Export the contacts in the list you want to exclude

3. Remove contacts using the exported list in step 2 from the list created in step 1


This could of course be done using the API to automate creating these lists for you, but that may be a bit overkill unless you do this a lot.  It is probably easiest just to use our UI functions to do these steps.  It would probably take about 3-5 minutes total for all of these actions to complete as they are done using asyncronous product features, but there really are only 3 interaction points to make it happen.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Hi Dave,


Thanks for the reply.


Regarding #3 Remove contacts using the exported list in step 2 from the list created in step 1, I can't find any systematic way to do it through the UI.  It seems I have to remove each contact manually, which is not really feasible if we have a big list to exclude.


Unfortunately there are only two ways to do that.  The manual one by one method you're talking about and using our Remove Contacts feature.  This second option is possibly problematic as it does remove those contacts from ALL lists, not just a single list.  The last suggestion I would have, if you're very good at Excel, is to use Excel to do the filtering and then upload the list back in.  Sorry that we don't have this feature, but it's something we're working on and will definitely offer later this year.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Hi Dave,


Thanks much for the info.


Actually Marissa replied to the other post and the Remove List feature can actually remove contacts only from the selected list(s).


The way she described is a working workaround that can be used but I'm not sure if our client is willing to go through all the steps.


It would be really nice if constantcontact would add the feature to exclude lists when sending an email, that way we don't have to do any manipulations or new list creations.  From what you said it seems like that's something that's been in development.  I'm looking forward to see the feature implemented!



Thanks again!

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