Coupon Code integration into signup form


Coupon Code integration into signup form

I want to add a coupon input field to the signup form. 

When a user enters a valid coupon code, the user would be added to a specific list (if not already in the list) and then redirected to a specific webpage. Users who do not enter a coupon code will be added to the default list.




That is something that you would do programmatically through your web-page.  Our side of that integration would be just a simple join my mailing list form.  You would have to do some conditional checking to decide which list the contact is subscribing to.  For instance the logic would be something like:


 case :  1
  subscribe to 1
  subscribe to 2

 You can read more about a switch statement here.  Other then that you would just program the contact creation or update to your account and have the different case cooridate to the specific result tha tyou would like.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer

You won't get anything out of CC. I tried. This is something that's being ignored by PayPal and everyone else. Developers who are code savvy are making money but you have to find the right one. I like to do things myself and found a tutorial that almost got me there...tomorrow I'll give it another go...TRY THIS:

Hi Bob,


Just to clarify, you can do this through Constant Contact, but you would need to use our API and write the code to do it.  Thanks for posting this link to help other who may also want something like this.  Of course, once you develop something like this you may want to become a partner, make your integration available to others, and list your integration on our Marketplace (for a fee or not, up to you).


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

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