Custom Field in Signup form

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Custom Field in Signup form

I would like to add a custom drop down or check boxes that would allow people to select what list they are signing up for. multiple segments that have different interests and I want to customize the content they are receiving without throwing them all into the same list. 


I am new to Constant Contact. 


Hello George,


Thanks for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


This specific type of drop down menu is not something that is available in the sign-up forms provided by Constant Contact. You can create this on your own using our API endpoints however. Please take a look at our documentation located here (


You can use the Contacts end points and Contact Lists endpoints to create something using our v2 API, or you can our Sign-Up Forms & Tools section which does not use the API directly, but instead uses a POST URL to submit your contacts. That information is located on the same page, but for easy reference here is the link (


If you have any questions you are welcome to reply here or email us at

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