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Definition of an Invalid Email Address according to Contact Contact

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Definition of an Invalid Email Address according to Contact Contact

One thing I'm fighting here is supposedly Invalid Email Addresses. Does Constant Contact follow any type of RFC standard for email addresses? Is there any reason why the system won't return the email address that it believes is invalid?


At this time, when I attempt to bulk import contacts I receive this json in return:


[{"error_key":"json.email.invalid","error_message":"#/import_data/2064/email_addresses/0: Value is not a valid email address."}]


However when I look at the rows that surround row 2064, everything is valid. With the system not returning the "bad" email address, I am completely lost at to what is considered a bad email address.




We do use an email validation that is based on, but does not strictly follow the RFC standards. If you would like us to review the data that was being sent to see if we can identify the data which was giving you an error, you can send us a message at webservices@constantcontact.com and we would be happy to help.


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Elijah G.
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I managed to figure out what was wrong, one of the email addresses ended in ".on.c" instead of ".on.ca" and was causing the error.


I would recommend that the api returns the data that failed validation.

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