Designing my own template in photoshop


Designing my own template in photoshop

Hello, I would like to design my own template from scratch in photoshop without using any of the coded template structures available. I was just wondering if you need much programming knowledge for this and if so is there any programmers available who could program the template? Am I okay to do the images as text or should the text be editable text for people viewing the newsletter without images?

Regards, Ryan


Hello Ryan,


For creating your own emails with custom code structures, you will want to have a decent grip on HTML and CSS scripting. The primary reason for this is that the HTML code that is produced by photoshop often has display issues in different email clients that will require correcting in order to appear properly when received.


As far as text vs. images, it is common for most major mail providers to block images by default, so it is preferred to use actual text when possible. This can also help with deliverability as many mail filters take into account the amount of text vs the number and size of images.


If you have additional non-programming/coding related questions, you can probably find answers a bit better suited to your needs in the Email Marketing Product Forums.


In addition, if you are interested in hiring someone to assist you with development, you can check out a list of developers in our Marketplace.



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