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Increased quota


Increased quota



I've been working for a client on an internal application using the Constant Contact API. The app involves consolidating and maintaining all the contacts from 5 accounts into one main corporate account. Many of the five accounts have 5k plus contacts.  I often run into quota problems.


The client recently requested and was granted a quota increase for ONE of the accounts. I am a little confused how this works through Constant Contact and Mashery.


I logged in on the account that received the increased quota. Through that logged into mashery. I created an app in mashery and got the key. I used the key and got access tokens for all six accounts. When I look at mashery it says the one account still has a 5k limit. I created a second application in the same mashery account and selected partner but that account status is waiting.


How/when does the constant contact increase in quota affect the application? The account name is HarryBuffalo. Should I see the increased quota in Mashery? Will it show up when my "partners" app gets approved?









Thanks for posting.  We use Mashery to manage quotas and control usage of our API.  The partner keys are manually approved in Mashery, once partner status is verified by Constant Contact.  The change should be visible in Mashery once the key is approved.  If you have more questions or are still waiting for the partner key, let us know.


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