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Maximum Characters 150,000 Limit


Maximum Characters 150,000 Limit

The custom code option for sending emails via the website has a maximum character count of 150,000.  We are occasionally hiting just above this limit (this months newsletter is 167,000 characters) and we are looking for a way to work around it without limiting the content of the email.   Is it possible to use the API to send our emails or does it have the same limit?  


Is there a reason for the limit on your end or would it be possible to get the limit raised?  


Thank you for your time.






When you are creating campaigns thought the API you will have the same limits as the UI. This is because both methods are creating the same campaign type. Given this, it looks like the only solution would be to shorten the HTML code.


With HTML emails, I often find that a significant portion of the code is CSS that can usually be optimized in some manner. It may be possible to find a simple piece of common CSS in your HTML that could be optimized to see a significant reduction in the number characters.


Lastly, I have done some research and am not currently aware of any method to raise the limit on these custom HTML emails.


If there is anything more that we can do to help, please let us know!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer

Thank you for looking into this,  the code has been optimized several times and we looked at it again before contacting you guys.  We will simply need to limit the content or find a different solution here as this limit will continue to be a problem for us now with the current layout.  


Thank you for the reply.

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