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Maybe Someone Here Knows

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Maybe Someone Here Knows

Does anyone know why a request with:


as the request URI and:


as the login URI and:

NetworkCredentials(APIKey + "%" + username, loginPassword)

as the Network Credentials with:

the request method = "GET" and

the request contentType = "application/atom+xml"

is returning a Server Error 400 BadRequest

with an error status of: ProtocolError

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Problem solved...........thanks a lot "help" forum.


Glad to hear that you worked out your problem.  Our apologies for not being able to get back to you before you resolved it yourself.  Our forum support is unfortunately not 24/7, typically we try to respond within 4 business hours but that is not always possible.


In the future, if you run into any problems like this, it is generally more helpful for troubleshooting purposes to see the XML of your request or the code making the request.  A 400 error, as our error code FAQ explains, is almost always related to the XML content of your request and not the URI or credentials.  Without the XML of the request, it is virtually impossible to find a cause for the error and assist developers in finding a solution.

Dave Berard
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