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I am using Optimise Press and this links to an e-mail auto responder so that when people sign up to receive e.g. free reports, it can send them the necessary info.


I spoke on IM with one of your team who suggested this forum, as you may be able to help me with this.


Hope you can!


Thanks so much


Hey Damon,


I am not all to familiar with Optimize press but it should ask you for your API and/or your credentials somewhere under your settings.  I will look into this further but if you can find any of the settings in regards to that please let me know.


Ryan Davis
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Hi Ryan


It asks me for:

Autoresponder Code

Copy your form code from your autoresponder provider and paste it in the box below. Ensure you are using the non-javascript code, and paste ALL HTML code your autoresponder company gives you into this box

Hey Damon,


We do not have an Auto responder code but you should be able to edit it in HTML.  You can get the HTML by following the instructions on this link.




I noticed that they have Constant Contact as a working solution in their product overview.  Do they offer specific steps as well for Constant Contact?

Ryan Davis
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I am also using optimize press and have the same question. When I clicked on the link that was provided in the previous response I was taken to a generic QA page.



Sorry for the dead link.  Can you get to the link here?  This link goes to an FAQ that explains how to create a link so that people can sign up for your Constant Contact mailing list, which Ryan linked to before..


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

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hello there Brenda.. have you been successful with getting optimize press to work with constant contact? i currently use aweber but would like to swith to constant contact if there is a way to make squeeze/opt-in pages work.


Hello, it is now 2015 and many changes have occured on both the Constant Contact (CC) and OptimizePress (OP) websites and API integrations.


OP no longer supports CC and their Q&A area indicates that they do not know when API integration will occur. CC no longer prints HTML and instead generates buttons to be clicked (or am I missing something?).


My problem is that I am not happy with AWeber and really want to change to CC permanently sooner rather than later, but because of my close integration of OP on my website, I am finding it a challenge. I can create a program using the API to use my own forms to capture leads and allow them to make changes to their subscriptions, however it would be much more of a challenge to create a plugin that would compensate for the Membership portion of my website.


Is there anyone out there who has already created a solution to this ConstantContact / OptimizePress / OptimizeMember issue? I would really like to have communication with someone. Or, if this solution has not been created already, if there is someone up to the challenge of writing code to plugin, please contact me!


Any help, advice, or direction would be extremely helpful!



There has been a recent update from Constant Contact to add the feature for fully embeddable signup forms, with a provided HTML code! This ishould allow you to make use of the Custom Form Integration option. You can read about our new embeddable forms here: https://knowledgebase.constantcontact.com/articles/KnowledgeBase/18265-Create-a-Sign-Up-Form-with-th...


If you run into any issues with this, please let us know!



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