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Reload Submission Page After n# of seconds


Reload Submission Page After n# of seconds

I'm trying to make it so that after a person has submitted their email via our kiosk the page reloads after 10-15 seconds so that the .success and .error


.error will probably be longer than the .success so that if they typed it in wrong they have time to correct it and if they don't then it reloads anyways. 


I'm thinking at least part of it has to go here: 


 <?php //// Here we add an area where messages  are displayed (error or success messages).//if (isset($error)) {if ($error === true) {$class = "error";$message = $ccContactOBJ->lastError;} else {$class = "success";$message = "Contact ".htmlspecialchars($postFields["email_address"], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8')." Added.";}
echo '<div class=".$class.">';echo $message;echo '</div>';}


Isearched for page reload upon submit and found nothing that seemed to cover what I was trying to do. I know very little php, so any help is appreciated.  


Also, how do I correctly post code here? I'm not seeing a way that works correctly.

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