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• Causing Problems With Campagins


• Causing Problems With Campagins

Hi Guys,


Any ideas why • would be showing as a question mark when creating a campagin with the API?




A question mark in a box character is what many browsers (typically Firefox) display when the character that you are trying to show is either not in the font you chose or is not a valid character for displaying.  I would need to look at the actual code that you have in your account to give you a more accurate answer, feel free to DM your username or email our webservices support team with your username and the campaign name in question (webservices@constantcontact.com).

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

I realize this post is old, but is there a reason why • gets turned into an asterix?

Hello, this is actually a known issue our production development teams have been working on. We don't have a status update on the issue right now, but you can contact support for updates on it.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
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