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tracking opens


tracking opens

I am not a developer, yet am wondering if its possible to track what tool people are using to open our constant contact emails. Is there a way to assess whether or not they're opening them on a hand-held or a desk top?

Is there technology available to gather this information?


Also - are you aware of any trends as to what device people use to read their email messages?


Thank you -





At this time, Constant Contact unfortunately does not provide any functionality through our API or UI to allow you to track what tools/devices that recipients are using to open emails that are sent. 


However, we definitely do have some information available for statistics on mobile and email. You can find some research that was completed within the last year here: http://news.constantcontact.com/research/8132013-constant-contact-and-chadwick-martin-bailey-study-t...


If you do have any additional questions, I would be happy to help with those as well!

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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