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two archive homepages


two archive homepages

Is there are way to have two differennt Archive Homepages under one account? I distribute two different publications (Realtor Connection & Commercial Corner) to two different member markets. I currently have an archive homepage for the Realtor Connection publications and was curious is there was a way to begin archiving the Commercial Corner publications.


While not a question specifically about our API, can definitely get you an answer.  Currently, we only provide a single archive homepage per account.  Technically, you could use a custom page on your website and use the archive URLs we provide to make your own pages, however these would not be tied to your Constant Contact account to update and maintain.  You can always use those links anywhere you want, that's one of the benefits of the archive product.

Will pass the feedback on to the product team that owns Archive!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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