url prompt me usernam and password

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url prompt me usernam and password

Am new to CC


As per the getting started  page 


After  enter  the following 




where is substitue the username with my account user name 


 am prompted for username and password,  despite entering correct  my accountusername and password  its not getting authenticated, Pls help  what I might be missing



Hey, it sounds like you are accessing the API through your web browser, which is why you are being prompted to provide your login credentials. You could concatenate your API key and username as api_key%username and your account password to authenticate successfully, but ideally you would make your calls via a script running on your web host or server that can capture and store the information in our API's response. You can find some examples and wrappers that facilitate development among our code samples and if needed you can look for an expeirenced Constant Contact developer to assist you by searcing our developer database.


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sorry for late posting ya am able to send contacts through the api keys rather than accesss the link directly through browser url

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