Need keyboard shortcuts

There is not an option to bold or italicize text within a Button in the new editor. In Chrome, I can click Ctrl-B to bold as a work-around; however, the changes are not saved when I close and reopen the editor.

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"Cut" or Ctrl+X needs to cut the selected text and put it in the clipboard, ie queue it to be pasted (like all other word processing tools on earth). Right now all Ctrl+X does is effectively delete text.

Hi Andrew, 

Thanks for sharing this feedback!

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You can't use ctrl-b to bold and other commands which would be nice to have shorthands for.

Thanks for posting! 

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Would be great to use the keyboard shortcut for "bold" ...

Thanks for posting this feedback!

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I want to be able to use ctrl-b and ctrl-i using my keyboard ... i can do it in google chrome but not in firefox (the bookmarks pop up instead).
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Hi @OriettaS -- Unfortunately, Firefox overrides certain common keyboard shortcuts. It doesn't appear that Firefox plans on addressing this issue:

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Make it easy to insert a standard superscript symbol like "TM" or "(R)" in an email.  Use Word as your model. I have to call support each time or try to remember the HTML code. At the very least, provide the instructions in FAQs, I couldn't find anything.

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Keyboard shortcuts work in the editor much better now. (We also added more text formatting options in the toolbar for buttons which was an underlying problem for the original request.)

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