Frustrating to the say the least

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Frustrating to the say the least

So i took on a six month membership for Constant Contact, hoping it would really help me get my mails to my clients. Its a great concept and there is no denying that. But why is the website SO SO glitchy? A couple of frustrating things... 1. Extremely slow ( my WIFI is just fine) 2. Takes so long that my page expires 3. When I make my campaign with the ready templates its almost impossible to change or upload an image. Change option may as well just not be there since it hasn't worked ever since I've been on constant contact. When i try uploading a picture into the gallery on the left only a white blank page opens and i have to refresh page and start all over- only to not get anywhere the next time too. You guys have a great website, a great concept, but only if you found a way to get over these glitches. I spend hours trying to get my mail together for something that could be done in 15 minutes. Its rather frustrating!
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Re: Frustrating to the say the least

That seems to be an ongoing complaint lately.  I'd love to see an architecture diagram of the backends. 


Have you tried another browser?