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Hello, I am unable to email myself a preview of a campaign that I was working on.  I have a tried a different address with success, however the one I need it to go to will not work.  Funny enough one of our vendors just sent me a campaign they developed and came right through.  So far here are the steps i've tried:

  • I copied the campaign and slowing deleted the blocks and tried to send the campaign to my self to see if it was something I added.
  • Tried sending just a generic template to myself.
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Instead of using the preview mode, try sending a test to yourself as a member of a list.

Then look at the results of it to see if the bounce reports back.


I believe previews and production campaigns are sent from different servers.


It might give you more info to go on.



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@Clique_Marketing that was a good idea, however the email still did come through and it did not show a bounce back.    

May I ask what mail service the receiving address is using?

@Clique_Marketing we are using Microsoft Outlook 2013.

That's the email client not the email service.


Corporate email server?    Company domain?  NOT Gmail - Yahoo or ?


I'm trying to determine who owns the SPAM rules or who would be responding from the mail servers prospectives.


Perhaps too technical for you.   :frown:



p.s. I assume you've looked in your Junk E-Mail folder.



I believe the its an exchange server and is the domain.  Oh, and yes I did check the junk mail folder.  Thanks again for your help.

Sorry for the length of this but its kinda complicated.


Next question, do you have access to the Exchange admin and mail logs.

You'll need to create a test when he/she is watching for your inbound mail.


The fact that you are not receiving it and CC isn't getting any bounce message makes it difficult.


Another issue might be that you are blocked at the CC site from some other account or mail list.

They can check this for you.



CC can you check the senders address they are sending DRAFTS to?


I dont have access to the server or the logs, however I just used a personal email address in the "From" field and the email came through to my company email.  The personal address is a yahoo account.



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CC fixed the issue.  Funny enough I had to add my own domain to the safe sender list.