worst ever!


worst ever!

This is the second time I'm typing this because when You change the top field on this page it deletes everything you have previously written! -not being able to attach files is insane, fix it. -when adding multiple files I cant have two pages open because one logs me out of one, so to copy paste a file i need to log in and out of the email multiple times to paste the files i want to attach. -No i dont want to redesign my emails every time becasue the file has corrupted. -no i dont want to post my complaints on a forum i want it to be responded by someone that gives 2 **bleep**s -My admin staff end up holding our list on excel and emailing clients directly because half the email don't go out and the saved email templates are often corrupted and have to be redone. this ahve probably cost me thousands in lost wages from your stupid system. Make sending emails easier not harder!!  will eat you up breakfast - the only reason we use this useless constant contact is because of mind body - check your google rating - 3.2! Fix it!


Hi @CharmaineP3


I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. We are looking into if you change the header option in the widget that it does delete your content. You can always access the Community within your account by clicking Help & Tips and then clicking on Community. That will take you directly in here to post your question. If you want to speak with one of our representatives either via phone or chat, you can reach them during business hours, which you can find here


We don't have a way to attach files but you can insert a file via a link within your account. Here is a post that @Samantha_O wrote "Uploading a Document to the Library" and here are the steps on "Inserting a Document Link into your Campaign".


If you're having difficulty having 2 windows or tabs open, please try using 2 different browsers. 


If you have contacts that are not receiving the email due to bouncing, please check out this post we wrote "What Do I Do If My Emails Are Being Blocked?". It's very possible that your contacts do not recognize our IP addresses that we're sending your mail out on and they'll need to unblock, or whitelist, them in order to receive the email.


I'm sorry to hear that your email templates are becoming "corrupt". We find that some have difficulty with formatting within their templates if they're constantly copying and editing the blocks. We recommend deleting the blocks within your emails and adding new ones. This gives you brand new blocks to work with that won't have any problematic, hidden coding that could mess up your formatting.


If there's anything else we can assist you with, please let us know. Again, apologies for any difficulty.