Database Integration, Reporting, etc - Questions for Developers to determine if CC Integration will do what I need.

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Database Integration, Reporting, etc - Questions for Developers to determine if CC Integration will do what I need.

I am currently working with one of my companies internal business units that uses Constant Contact.  Recently, one of our other business units expressed a need for a similar solution, but stated that they had looked at CC but found it would not do what they require.  I do not believe they looked deep enough into the AppConnect APIs for their solution, and I have been tasked with investigating this further to determine whether or not we will be able to expand our use of CC to that business unit.


My first question involves database integration.  One of their requirements is that they need to be able to have a local copy of the database for use in other tasks.  I believe I found at least a partial answer here: but I wanted to ask if there had been any further development in that area that would allow us to either replicate or synchronize to a local database.  If there has been any further discussion about this in other forums that I have missed I would be more than happy to be redirected to them for further reading. 


My next question revolves around the reporting capabilities, and whether or not we can integrate with the reporting in a way that would let us automate the handling of reporting such as being able to monitor a bounce list for bad addresses specifically so we can treat them differently than say, a mailbox full response.


I believe that information on either or both of these would go a long way to enabling me to convince our business unit that this is a good solution for their specific problem, so thank you in advance for any response I receive.


I can confidently say that we offer ability to integrate with a custom, local database however this integration relies heavily on custom scripting and logic dependent on your local system. Our API offers the ability to Add/Remove/Update/and Retrieve contact information based on several parameters. Using your own script you can query your CC account and compare the information against your own local database. You can then choose how to modify your contacts or lists based on that information. More information on the capabilities of the API can be found here.


In regards to the reporting capabilities, using the events/bounces collection allows you to view a list of the contacts who have bounced and for what reason., where XXXX = the unique campaign id.


I hope that this information aids in your decision making.

Dan H

Support Engineer, Constant Contact

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Thank you very much for taking the time to post.  This information has been very helpful.

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