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In October we signed up with Constant Contact to provide a newsletter design and pop up to gather emails from interested parties. Since October we have paid to run Facebook ad campaigns to generate people interested in downloading free information in exchange for signing up for our newsletter via the popup created by Constant Contact. When we attempted to retrieve the emails collected we found none. But we've received lots of response to our advertising. Confused, we called technical support, who told us the wrong email had been linked to our Constant Contact popup screen. All collected emails had been sent to an inactive account used previously. The data had not been stored and no backups were available. We spent 2 months and thousands of dollars for nothing. I don't know how Constant Contact linked an old account when generating the popup. When I called your billing department I was told this couldn't happen. But it did. Please refund all monies paid since starting your service in October. I've lost time, advertising dollars, and now patience.
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Hey @MaryF969, I completely understand the frustration that this has caused you. I see that you were able to get your account cancelled, however, I want to see if I might be able to help you further. I cannot guarantee that data is still available, but I'd like to see if I can do some further research on this. Would you be available for us to give you a call sometime? 


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