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Something funky is going on with uploading images?

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Something funky is going on with uploading images?

Is there something going on with the site?!
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They are the right format but its not working and it hasn't done this to me before but all day it has today!
unable to upload
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I've tried to upload 10 different images tonight and none of them have worked. I need help getting them uploaded ASAP.
Hi I just signed up for a Constant Contact account and immediately encountered problems uploading image files onto my newsletter and library. The file isn't big, only 2.5 MB and even when I tried one at 176KB, it didn't work. I have tried dragging and dropping and uploading and it just doesn't work. All I get is the same message saying "We had trouble processing your request. Please try again later." This is not at all helpful and makes for a poor initial contact with Constant Contact. I'd appreciate your help please.
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No info about troubleshooting
CTCT Employee

Hello @ArtB & @JanelleF2 


I took a look at your history, and it appears that you are both using Safari.  We are currently working to resolve this issue.  If you have another browser to use during this time you should be able to upload your images without issue.  




I cannot get any pictures to upload on our account
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I'm under deadline and I can't upload photos from my desktop. Is it the size?
CTCT Employee

Hello @ThaddeusL 


We are working to resolve the issue with Safari and uploading into your account.  In the meantime you can use a different browser to upload images.  We will update this thread when there is an update on this issue.  

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I've been using CC for quite some time and I'm not able to upload my jpgs for some reason.