Billing Filtering

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When trying to filter the billing dates with the select (range of dates) option it won't filter them by the selected dates. It will just show all the activities of all years.

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Hello @AliviaB08002 ,


It looks like this is a very recent issue that our devs are still looking into and collecting info on. We've marked your account as affected, and submitted the case to them for further review. If and when they have an update, they'll notify you directly.


In the meantime, this issue is isolated to just that UI view, so you can:

  • Use the pre-designated searches (Last 30 days, Last 6 months, etc.)
  • Manually sort through the statements (if just needing to view them through the UI)
  • Printing/Emailing the invoices from UI will actually have the correct activity, in the correct order, for the specified date range

William A
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