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Click Thru Reporting for All Emails

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We recently had someone book an appointment through a 5 month old email they clicked through. I went to that email and noticed someone else clicked through 2 months ago - nearly 3 months after it was sent. Is there a report where I can see all the clicks from all the emails in the past 30 days? I see under reporting it shows how many clicks we've had in the last 30 days, but not a break down of what emails they clicked thru on and what links they clicked. We've had an occasional appointment booked through an email that went out years prior, but unless they actually schedule, we don't know who simply clicked thru.

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Hello @VolpeM ,


There isn't anything that would pull the most recent clicks in the Reporting tab. It'd be something that you'd need to check your emails' individual reports for. 

William A
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