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What is click reporting? It's one of the most valuable ways you can understand the engagement level for your email campaigns. Of course, it always depends on what the mission statement of your campaign is, but for most marketers it's not enough to simply want people to open an email, but take action on it, too.



We discussed engagement and segmentation in a previous Constant Tips, but I saw that some community visitors were searching for information on click reporting, but not clicking on the results that came up. I figured it would be worth it to focus on click reporting, specifically.


Click reporting tracks the URLs you share in your email campaigns and how many times the link was clicked on and who did the clicking.


The first couple of scenarios that come to mind where click reporting is useful would be if you're a business highlighting items for sale or you're organizing an event and wondering how many people actually clicked through to the registration page.


To calculate the click-through rate, you divide the number of unique clicks by the number of emails that were successfully delivered (excluding bounces) and then multiply by 100 to get a percentage. For instance, if you send out 250 emails and 2 unique recipients click on a link, your initial CTR would be 0.8%. This rate can change over time as more recipients engage with the email.


By analyzing which links are clicked, you can segment your contacts based on their interests, which helps in creating more targeted and effective emails. Techniques such as enabling click segmentation, adding effective calls-to-action, using eye-catching buttons, and designing impactful text links can improve engagement immensely.


The length of your email can also impact click rate. Try using the heat map feature to see which links are getting click on the most and where they are in your campaign. If you have a long email, it's possible the links towards the bottom are not getting a lot of action.


Are you using click reporting to improve your email campaign experience? Let us know in the comments!

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Community Coach

I love click reporting for the reasons Chris mentioned above and because it tells me the most important metrics all at once: 

-They opened the email (had to have to click)

-They clicked on a piece of content or a link (I was right that some would enjoy it)

-If I set "click segmentation" to on for a link and have it save clickers into a new list, like Chris mentioned above, it allows me to have ultra-targeted and ultra-relevant marketing. This is the ultimate "message to market match" within email marketing strategies. You can even go as far as to say "click below if you'd like to be added to x,y,z list or campaign"


Aaron Wesley Means

ACTIVATE Business Solutions

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