Contact Lists and Sending a Newsletter: One List or Many?

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What's the best practice with contact lists when you have so many for varied audiences: select every list of contacts you would like to receive your newsletter (List A + List B + List C + etc.) or create one "Newsletter" list that contains contacts from List A, List B, List C, etc.?  I'm leaning toward the former not the latter.

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Hello @GRHIC1550 ,


If you're trying to cut down on the number of very specific, niche lists you have, I'd recommend considering the following:

  • Is the list still relevant / will it be relevant in the foreseeable future, or has the specific need for it passed?
  • Would the specific nature of the list better fit a segmentation, which can be more fluidly updated based on specified criteria? Since segments can be directly sent to, this can reduce the number of lists you have, while still filling some niche needs based on contacts' data.

If you're finding you don't have the right contact data to be able to segment them to reduce lists, and/or you expect all your lists to continue to be relevant based on their narrow focus, then you may not be able to really reduce their numbers.

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