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We produce a regular newsletter, and use Divider Lines between stories. Why is it that some of the Divider Lines render with different thicknesses, yet the specs are all the same?

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Hello @BrianJ557 ,


I checked your current draft email, and all the divider lines look the exact same thickness at 1pt. I even copied your draft, edited the thickness of different dividers, and they all matched their corresponding pts. Even during a test send of both your original and my copy they all remained at the correct pt value. 


If you're seeing the divider lines as different thicknesses on your side, you may want to try setting your browser's zoom value to 100%, and also try seeing if the issue occurs on other devices or browsers, to narrow down what may be causing the visual issue. If you're unable to narrow down the seeming randomness occurring in your trobuleshooting, then I'd advise calling our general support so they can troubleshoot live, and also screenshare your Constant Contact screens so they can get a visual of the issue occurring. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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