Extra Spaces Between Paragraphs in Outlook Emails

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Hi, does anyone know why my newsletter has normal spacing in Constant Contact but when someone receives it in outlook there's a huge gap between paragraphs? How do you get rid of that? Thanks!

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Hello @user663516 ,


I'd advise checking the settings in the receiving Outlook program, to see if there's anything that'd be changing the email's layout. You're also welcome to reach out to Outlook's, to see what they suggest for Outlook settings that might be causing issues with your formatting. Otherwise, my next best recommendation would be to include a View as Webpage link.


The biggest issue is that Outlook uses Word to read the coding for emails, whereas nearly every single other email client uses systems meant for reading emails. I'd recommend taking a look at this Community blog post, which covers some of the elements of designing emails for a variety of email programs, what pitfalls to avoid and can't be avoided, and what workarounds are available.

William A
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