Font Changes in Newsletter Once Sent

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Recently sent our newsletter out and the font changed. Recipients of the newsletter were not able to read it because of the change. What could have caused this? 

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Hello @VeronicaS033 ,


Was the font used in your newsletter a standard font type, or was it one that might not be available on all devices? If an email program or app receives an email with a font type it doesn't recognize or have access to, it'll change that font to a generic one it does have access to in a similar font family. 


For more info on font types available in the editor, make sure to check out this article

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Thanks @William_A for your reply. It appears the font changed to Wingding, making it look squiggly.  From some of the recipients it appears they are opening the newsletter on their iPhone or iPad, which gives it the squiggly font. Most think we've been hacked or something.  I've sent this as a case review to CC and they were able to see what I meant. 

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