How to bold numbers in the indented number format?

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I have three points in an email that are numbered using the indentation/numbering format how do I  bold the numbers?

I've tried highlighting them but you cannot choose the numbers.


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Hello @JulieK769 ,


At this time, list bullets and numbers aren't affected by text formatting. I've marked your account as being interested in the formatting being applied in future updates to the CPE. If and when there's an update regarding this functionality, the devs will notify you directly.


If you're wanting text formatting to apply to a numbered or bulleted list, the only feasible workaround I can recommend would be to simply type them out. You could also potentially type it up in a text editing program (Word, Pages, Google Docs, etc.) with the desired formatting, screencap that, and add it to your email as an image, but that has its own drawbacks as well (such as with linking, mobile view, etc.)

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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