I'm trying to create a new email blast using a pdf. Most of the cover page info is missing.

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I'm trying to create a new email blast using a pdf that i just uploaded. Most of the cover page information is missing. Can you please help. I want to blast this out ASAP.
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Hello @MichaelD28398 ,


If the images in your PDF aren't showing in the conversion when uploading the file into your library, then your options would be:

  • Converting your PDF in an outside program, and uploading that JPG/PNG to your Constant Contact library.
  • Compressing the PDF in the native program you made it in, then uploading that compressed file to see if our auto-conversion of the first page can display the images that are supposed to be in it.
  • Doing the PDF-to-JPG/PNG conversion directly through that program, and uploading that.

For our devs' info investigating these sporadic conversion issues, what was the program you used to create the PDF?

William A
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