RSVP Blocks and Time Zones

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Hi, I have been using RSVP blocks as a method to send Zoom meetings that result in an ICS file for email recipients to download the calendar invite directly to their calendar. However, I'm noticing there is no time zone associated with the RSVP block. So, if a meeting is technically set for 11:00AM on the link that was made on Zoom (which was copy and pasted into the RSVP block), the RSVP block allows you to put in the date and time, and no time zone. My concern is if I send this RSVP block out with no time zone specified, say someone who is in the EST time zone receives it as 11:00AM on their side, someone who might be in the Central time zone may also receive 11:00AM, but their 11:00AM is different than the EST time zone's 11:00AM. For EST, 11:00AM is actually 10:00AM Central. I can specify in text within the email the time zone, but it's very counter-productive especially if when the ics file is downloaded in the RSVP block, they'll have to manually change the meeting time on their end to match EST time zone. And even then, we need to hope that they will actually do that. Is there a solution to this?

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Hello @user57823 ,


The time zone associated will be attached to your account settings. So if you're based on the east coast for example, the 11 AM start time will be 11 AM ET, which should reflect in the ICS file and therefore the recipient's calendar. 


Your other option would be to use an online calendar tool to setup the Zoom link and other pertinent info, and share the invite link for that calendar setup in your email instead.

William A
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