Sharing newsletter to Twitter

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Why isn't my newsletter showing up on Twitter when I click the link on my phone? I see my chosen image. I see your given Twitter link. It sends me nowhere when I click it.

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Hi @KirstenP ,


If you're clicking on the social post from within the Campaigns tab of your account, it will take you to the post details page. Clicking on the image in that page will open a preview of the designed post. It sounds like you might be trying to view the post directly on Twitter itself. In that case, on that post details page you can scroll down to the Reporting section at the bottom. You should see the date posted, page, and some post metrics. To the right of those you can click the icon with 3 dots, and you should see a "View Post" option to be taken directly to Twitter.


Please let me know if I may have misunderstood the question. I hope that answers it for you.

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